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4 things you must have in your home this summer in Malta

How to survive the summer heat in Malta? Not only temperatures rise up during the summer months in Malta but the added high humidity level makes the warmth feel even more intense. Follow our tips about how to make this season more enjoyable in your property in Malta.

A bottle of after sun
Summer time in Malta definitely means beach time! Spent too much time in the sun? Keep a bottle of after sun in your home to make sure you can relax in your apartment after a sunbathing session. Our tip: keep it in your fridge for an extra soothing effect for your skin.

If you have no A/C installed in your property then having a fan in your home is vital during the hot months. As temperatures are hitting over 30 degree Celsius from the morning, trust us you will need to keep cool.

Ice ice baby
Nothing better than a super chilled glass of water to keep you hydrated. Pop a handful of ice cubes in your glass and enjoy the instant cooling effect. Our office secret: we are now addicted to iced coffees thanks to Patrik, our Business Development Director. His recipe: a shot of espresso poured over a full glass of blended ice and some milk. Caffeine heaven!

Mosquito net
Summer time also means the attack of mosquito. Listening to the humming noise when trying to fall asleep and dealing with the itchiness of their bites are clearly not the way towards sweet dreams. Invest in a mosquito net to install over your windows and balcony / terrace door to keep these insects out of your property.

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