5 easy tips for space-saving in your home


You can be living in a large townhouse in Zabbar or a cosy studio flat in Sliema but most of us face this challenge: how to store our things and not make our dream property look all clustered and messy?

There are a few tricks that can help you save space in your home and make your rooms look bigger, your living area tidier and your personal belongings more organised. Personally, we love the mirror trick, hello optical illusion!


DIY under the bed drawers

Use empty boxes or large plastic containers to have a simple storage drawer under the bed. Guest blankets and beach towels can live right here when they’re not needed.

Over the door hanging racks and hooks

Make the most of that empty space on the back of your doors. Just pop a hanging rack over it or add a few hooks to create an extra storage space for your towels, handbags, jewellery or even your cooking pots by adding a hanging rack to your cupboard doors.

Wardrobe issues or “I have nothing to wear”

If you don’t have enough space in your wardrobe or your clothes just seem to be piling up inside it then get some long hangers that can store multiple items. Clothing racks are great as well because they can create extra shelving solutions to keep your outfits more organised.

Push chairs under the table

A simple trick to make your kitchen / dining room seem bigger and tidier. Our eyes are trained to look in a straight ahead direct line. If your chairs are neatly pushed as close to your table as possible, the area will seem more spacious. Plus you won’t bump into your chairs when you walk past them, this must be an added bonus for someone who’s clumsy.

Get a large mirror

Place a large mirror in the far end of a room and position it to face a window. It won’t just create the illusion of a bigger space but will also catch the light making the room look brighter.