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6 Reasons to Love Malta’s Historical Buildings

Who doesn’t agree that Malta is a tiny, hidden gem in the Mediterranean Sea? Relocating and living here is a dream come true for many individuals. Our pride of lions is super happy to be situated here and connecting customers with their ideal properties. Be it rental or sales, there is something for everyone here. (Booking your flight already?)

The Maltese world has retained a major chunk of its historical and artistic architecture. Don’t believe us? Come see for yourself! Although there are countless reasons that inspire nothing but pure love for Malta’s buildings, here are our top six.

  1. Stepping back in time

IMGP8307Yes, time travel has always captured our imagination! When you touch down at Luqa International Airport, you will feel that you have stepped back to one of history’s richest periods. You will have a bird’s eye view of the Maltese architecture rising in all its glory in the heart of the sapphire Mediterranean ocean. After settling in at your hotel or home and when you venture out, it is the capital city of Valletta, the Three Cities and Mdina where you will lose yourself in their timeless wonder.

2. Every little corner has a story to tell

IMGP8758 copyHey, Malta maybe one of the smallest nations in the world, but its every nook and corner has a story to tell. Every Maltese home, building, villa or townhouse will have its own secrets. Shhhh, look but don’t tell! Perhaps the House of Character that you currently call your own served as a shelter during the war. Or maybe it was used for storing grains and food. After all, no matter what time era it is, food is always important!

3Blue_Door_Marsaxlokk_(6800186240). Those colourful doors and windows

How can one miss out on the vibrant and vivid doors that brighten up the brown limestone properties on the island? We sure can’t! Not only do they add personality to Maltese homes, but they make us smile with their quaint, delightful appearance

4. 365 churches, 1 church for every day of the year

We are not joking when we say that there are 365 churches in Malta. Yes, you can go to a different church every day of the year. This number is simply amazing! We highly recommend visiting architectural treasures such as St. John’s Cathedral.

 vall5. Valletta’s Skyline

Yes, it is 2017 and the world boasts of tall skyscrapers and buildings that offer magnificent distant views. However, Valletta’s historical skyline has its own beauty that make our jaws drop in awe every time it comes in our line of sight. Catch a ride on the Sliema-Valletta ferry to experience a bit of old world charm with modern facilities. Valletta is often the hot spot for cultural highlights and popular events in the country.

6. Sunsets from Mdinamdina

This fortified city is built at one of the highest points in the country and offers some beautiful panoramic views all year around. As the sun sets, it paints a kaleidoscope of colours across the sky and will take your breath away. It is one of our favorite spots in this beautiful island.20170120