8 Property Hunting Mistakes to Avoid: A Lion’s Perspective!


8 Property Hunting Mistakes to Avoid: a Lion’s Perspective!

Searching for an ideal property in Malta that can become your dream home? Look no further, the lions are here to help! Be it an apartment, a penthouse, a maisonette, a villa or even a charming House of Character; this is not just a real estate activity, but our hunt to find you your very own Lion’s Cave. Intrigued? Read on to know some of our tips of what NOT TO HAVE on your checklist when looking for properties to rent.

Enjoy loud noises?

Now, if you are not a fan of listening to grilling noise, then let’s ensure that you are able to have peace and quiet. This may include locations with schools as little cubs play and learn. Are there a lot of neighbours in the vicinity?

Parking a nightmare? Wait, where’s the bus?

This is Malta, yes we love our island but cannot deny that there is a serious parking problem. If you don’t mind circling around the streets near your home, trying to locate a space for your chariot, then you are one of the lucky few! Perhaps you are eco-friendly, like us, and prefer the bus. Let’s not get a property in an area where the bus stop is a 20-minute walk (unless you enjoy the exercise.)

Overall, our tip is to check out the parking possibilities nearby as well as the bus stop. These small, everyday variables can brighten your day or put a dark cloud over it.

checlist-for-tenantsGo the distance?

At Gold Lion Holding, we do believe in going the extra mile for our customers, however, we don’t want you to travel for work more than you have to! Work in Sliema but found an amazing apartment in Marsaxlokk? Unless we take a speedboat, the commute will be a challenge, at best! May be better to find a place a little closer to your work place as traffic can be a headache sometimes.

Practical layout? Or one big happy family?

How about having both? Having family or friends to visit you? Having an extra bedroom and bathroom will definitely help! We believe that sharing is caring, but it may be hard to fit more than 2 people on your sofa bed. Or looking for a gym and a swimming pool in your prospective property building? No worries, plenty of lovely clubs and gyms in Malta. Otherwise, you always have the sea to take a dip in!

Retail therapy?

We all love to shop and being able to walk to our favourite brand stores is even better! Being close to grocery stores, hospital, pharmacies, and of course shopping areas is not a bad idea. Given that most stores close by 7 pm in Malta and if you are at work most of the day, it is a plus point to be able to pop in a clothing store and quickly buy a jacket as “winter is coming”. (No pun intended Game of Throne fans)

Modern convenience or the good old fashioned way?

Tradition is king, yet convenience is even better. We do love conventional Maltese homes and if you do too, then we will help you find your own Lion’s Cave of such style. However, if you are modern and hip, like our little lions, then we advise you to ensure you get a property that can cater to your lifestyle. Is the sound of the dishwasher running music to your ears? An electric stove might turn you into the next Jamie Oliver or a good old fashioned gas stove the way to go? These are important things to think about as this is your home in question.

Quick shower or a lie in the bathtub?

A glass of wine, some candles and your favourite music plays as you soak in bubbles in your bathtub. Does this appeal to you? Then, an apartment or a penthouse with a shower cubicle is not what you are looking for. However, if you are not a morning person and it is water cascading down powerfully from a shower that wakes you up, then that is what you must look for.

Anything else to add to this list? We love to hear you roar as well in a good way so contact one of our Property Advisors with your specific requirements.