Have you ever wondered what to do with those used batteries?



‘’WHY should batteries be disposed properly?

Used batteries if disposed incorrectly will seriously damage the environment. Harmful substances such as heavy metals, will be released which will contaminate the soil, underground or surface waters. Heavy metals in batteries also have harmful effects on human health.

Through recycling of metal substances contained in batteries, significant saving in material and energy consumption can be achieved.’’



Have you ever wondered what to do with those used batteries?

We have an answer!

Bring them to the places where there are BATREE recycling bins!


Just to help you out we have 2 of them:

one in our head office in Sliema (Bisazza 10/12, next to the Regent house) and

the other one in our holiday accommodation ResidenSea in St.Julians (Wilga str. 60, opposite I Monelli Restaurant),

just pass by and drop them off, because we care about the environment around us!


We are super proud and happy about this collaboration with GreenPak, and if our locations are out of your way, you can find the information about other possibilities just here:



Green is the new Gold


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