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With a range of concerns that the landlords face nowadays, opting for a pet-friendly rental property seems like an extra hassle. Just a thought of it could seem like an unnecessary cost of furniture repairs. However, the reality proves to be different than that, and even optimistic. Many local landlords understand the benefits of allowing … Continue reading Benefits of Pet-friendly Housing for Landlords

You can bet on us with your property needs! Why? Because Gold Lion Holding is no ordinary group of companies in Malta, its essence is to ease the overall customer experience by converging all property related services under one roof. Gold Lion Holding’s partners possess a diverse, rich portfolio of businesses around the globe. Ranging … Continue reading Could changes in Israel mean more igaming business in Malta?

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Our pride of lions and lionesses believe that transforming a property into one’s dream home is a personal and sometimes a pain-staking process. To help you with your design dilemmas, we sought out the latest kitchen trends and thought we would share them with you. Bright, loud shades are out as more subdued, calmer tones … Continue reading Is your kitchen trendy enough?