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Beach clean-up with the Lions “The challenge started on social media has made it around the world and encouraged people to get outside and help to clean up the environment. Unlike some of the other more recent challenges, this one makes people feel good about themselves and the environment around them and helps to clean … Continue reading #Trashtag challenge

Gold Lion Real Estate is developing and growing at a fast rate, we are glad to introduce Brad Charnock, Benjamin Markmann and Katalin Ringer in our team. For them, the training period has already started and soon you will have the pleasure of meeting them. Here some short info: Always on the wave of new … Continue reading Inside the Lion’s Cave: New Property Advisors!

Gold Lion Holding is always happy to help students complete their studies and give them a mentoring supervision to get a professional experience. We believe that an internship is a good opportunity to see the working environment from inside and to understand how business processes work. We offer two positions for the interns at our … Continue reading Inside the Lion’s Cave: Summer Internship with Thủy Bùi

Gold Lion Real Estate is pleased to announce and welcome its newest property advisors Ryan Piri, Ronja Wilhelmsson and Marcell Osvath. From this week onwards, they will join us and are undergoing intensive training and mentoring in theory as well as in practice before starting to deal with clients. What sets us apart from the … Continue reading OUR PRIDE EXPANDS: New Property Advisors

  Did you notice that a while ago we were looking for sales and rental real estate specialists? After thorough and expansive training Gold Lion Real Estate is proud to introduce you to 8 new Property Advisors who show a great deal of dedication, interest in the related field of business and passion about customer … Continue reading Inside the Lion’s Cave: Our new Property Advisors

Merly (or Maggie) has been with us for few months already, at the beginning she was very quiet and shy. Today, if it happens that she is out of the office for even a short period of time, we notice it straight away! Doing an internship in Gold Lion Holding in office administration and accounts … Continue reading Inside the Lion’s Cave: Merly Daguplo

Here at Gold Lion Holding we encourage people to grow, the most perfect way how to help someone to experience the work life, lead someone in their first steps towards being a professional in the related field of their studies is by offering a planned and supervised internship. Meet Susanna – our Marketing Intern! Coming … Continue reading Inside the Lion’s Cave: Susanna Ambartcumian

    ‘’WHY should batteries be disposed properly? Used batteries if disposed incorrectly will seriously damage the environment. Harmful substances such as heavy metals, will be released which will contaminate the soil, underground or surface waters. Heavy metals in batteries also have harmful effects on human health. Through recycling of metal substances contained in batteries, … Continue reading Have you ever wondered what to do with those used batteries?

Amber Rops joined the Marketing team as an intern at the beginning of September last year, her input and creativity has been unmeasurable to us. We would love to share her own words about the time spent here:   “My first day of my internship I was a bit nervous. Moving to another country and … Continue reading Unforgettable experience at Gold Lion Holding

As we strongly believe in continuously improving, we have been busy in the past few months working on an improved website for you! In May 2016 was launched and we are excited to announce that now the improved website is online and fully functioning! Gold Lion Holding is a young, modern company with an … Continue reading The Gold Lion Holding website appears in a new glow