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If we say the word “Malta” what do you imagine? Sun? Beach? Pastizzi? Paceville? Balconies?   Yes, those characteristic balconies, the colours which paint the streets of this wonderful island. Compared to the sun they withstand; their origins are hidden in darkness: Some claims they got created by Spanish (Aragonese) people, but the most credible … Continue reading Maltese Balconies: Before and Now

Town homes are buildings designed with the purpose of creating residence options for many people, occupying the less possible surface. Single family house on normally 2 floors located in urban areas. Townhouses became a famous development choice, as for economical and practical sense, in crowded municipalities. In Malta they retain the original and traditional Maltese … Continue reading Townhouse: Are they right for me?

Gold Lion Real Estate is developing and growing at a fast rate, we are glad to introduce Brad Charnock, Benjamin Markmann and Katalin Ringer in our team. For them, the training period has already started and soon you will have the pleasure of meeting them. Here some short info: Always on the wave of new … Continue reading Inside the Lion’s Cave: New Property Advisors!

Gold Lion Real Estate is pleased to announce and welcome its newest property advisors Ryan Piri, Ronja Wilhelmsson and Marcell Osvath. From this week onwards, they will join us and are undergoing intensive training and mentoring in theory as well as in practice before starting to deal with clients. What sets us apart from the … Continue reading OUR PRIDE EXPANDS: New Property Advisors

  Did you notice that a while ago we were looking for sales and rental real estate specialists? After thorough and expansive training Gold Lion Real Estate is proud to introduce you to 8 new Property Advisors who show a great deal of dedication, interest in the related field of business and passion about customer … Continue reading Inside the Lion’s Cave: Our new Property Advisors

Invigorate with Gold Lion   Finding your perfect home requires time and patience and it can be exhausting sometimes. We understand as we do this every day. However, our property advisors are ready to go the extra mile to make your move as smooth as possible, this month we offer something special to make your … Continue reading Special treatment form Gold Lion Real Estate in May

Gold Lion Holding is an independent well-known company focusing on property solutions and positive customer experience by running 4 divisions within a holding structure: real estate agency, property development, construction, property management. We are a team of positive thinkers and ambitious individuals who feel passionate about customer service. We are looking for: – Marketing/Communications Intern, … Continue reading Internship opportunities at Gold Lion Holding

  In January we launched a promotional campaign in collaboration with Fort Fitness, it went well with a great feedback from our clients, so we extended it throughout the month of February. We know it’s being appreciated 😊 It’s the time for a small change, but let’s keep the way of healthier living.   We have … Continue reading Get healthier with Gold Lion

…or is Green the new Gold? You might ask why this question? Thinking of being environmentally friendly, thinking ‘’green’’ and thinking of energy sustainability at some moments it seems to be in a worth of gold. At some sort of level we all do care about the pollution, we don’t like a lot of noise, … Continue reading Does Gold match with Green?

Yes, it was Christmas and New Years, a lot of good food, right? Festive season, days off.. hate to break it, but it’s time to get back to the reality, so let’s start a year on a healthy path. We would give you some motivation and a hand with that.. What about a belated Christmas … Continue reading Rent with Gold Lion and get a free gym membership

  ‘’We joined our forces and helped to give a memorable Holiday to children in need!’’   Christmas is the time for sharing, giving and having a wonderful time together with our loved ones. Yet, unfortunately, there are families and children out there who are experiencing difficulties during this period. Gold Lion Holding is proud of … Continue reading Gold Lion Holding Christmas charity event – success!

Christmas is the time of sharing, giving and having a wonderful time together with your loved ones. Sadly, there are families out there whom might be experiencing some difficulties during this period. Let’s join our forces and help us giving these people a memorable Holiday! Last year’s event was a great success and it was amazing … Continue reading Join the Gold Lion Christmas spirit!