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If we say the word “Malta” what do you imagine? Sun? Beach? Pastizzi? Paceville? Balconies?   Yes, those characteristic balconies, the colours which paint the streets of this wonderful island. Compared to the sun they withstand; their origins are hidden in darkness: Some claims they got created by Spanish (Aragonese) people, but the most credible … Continue reading Maltese Balconies: Before and Now

Scary times are coming…All Saints’Eve is behind the corner ready to scare you. Are you armed to welcome it? Costume and make up are not enough. Have also a terrific home! There is no need to buy expensive decorations or become the pumpkin carver master in order to be monstrous. In this article inspired by … Continue reading Is your home ready for Halloween?

The term maisonette literally means small house. Normally, located above another premise, its number 1 characteristic is the independence that it brings. Usually spacious and big, maisonette comes with a private garden and/or a garage. Privacy and freedom What distinguishes a maisonette from a flat is basically the fact of having a nonshared entrance, granting … Continue reading Why maisonette is a great choice?

What is an EPC? The Energy Performance Certificate is a document which shows the calculated energy use rating for existing or designed residential buildings and includes recommendations for improving their energy performance. What is it for? EPC is similar to a household electrical appliance energy label. It informs a prospective buyer or tenant about the … Continue reading What you should know about Energy Performance Certificate

Invigorate with Gold Lion   Finding your perfect home requires time and patience and it can be exhausting sometimes. We understand as we do this every day. However, our property advisors are ready to go the extra mile to make your move as smooth as possible, this month we offer something special to make your … Continue reading Special treatment form Gold Lion Real Estate in May

  In January we launched a promotional campaign in collaboration with Fort Fitness, it went well with a great feedback from our clients, so we extended it throughout the month of February. We know it’s being appreciated 😊 It’s the time for a small change, but let’s keep the way of healthier living.   We have … Continue reading Get healthier with Gold Lion

We offer a fantastic service: to take photos of your property you desire to rent or sell. It means that one of our agents will arrange an inspection with a photographer. You might ask why? There are few benefits to mention: as from experience in real estate business we can easily say that potential client … Continue reading How to prepare your home for a real estate photoshoot?

Yes, it was Christmas and New Years, a lot of good food, right? Festive season, days off.. hate to break it, but it’s time to get back to the reality, so let’s start a year on a healthy path. We would give you some motivation and a hand with that.. What about a belated Christmas … Continue reading Rent with Gold Lion and get a free gym membership