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Gold Lion Holding is an independent well-known company focusing on property solutions and positive customer experience by running 4 divisions within a holding structure: real estate agency, property development, construction, property management – holiday. We are a team of positive thinkers and ambitious individuals who feel passionate about customer service. Due to our rapid expansion, … Continue reading Job Opportunities: Residential / Commercial Specialist

As we strongly believe in continuously improving, we have been busy in the past few months working on an improved website for you! In May 2016 was launched and we are excited to announce that now the improved website is online and fully functioning! Gold Lion Holding is a young, modern company with an … Continue reading The Gold Lion Holding website appears in a new glow

8 Property Hunting Mistakes to Avoid: a Lion’s Perspective! Searching for an ideal property in Malta that can become your dream home? Look no further, the lions are here to help! Be it an apartment, a penthouse, a maisonette, a villa or even a charming House of Character; this is not just a real estate … Continue reading 8 Property Hunting Mistakes to Avoid: A Lion’s Perspective!

They say great minds think alike. We certainly have to agree with this as our business names reflect our similar thinking. Lion Malta and Gold Lion Holding are two separate businesses within the real estate industry, yet we both thought we want a lion to symbolise our strength. So who is who? Lion Malta Lion … Continue reading What’s up with all the lions in Malta? Gold Lion Holding vs Lion Malta

When renting a flat or house in Malta you pay your monthly rent to your landlord directly. You would also need to cover your electricity and water consumption. Using the washing machine, taking showers and switching the lights on doesn’t come for free, no matter how much we wish it was the case. So here’s … Continue reading HOW TO CALCULATE YOUR MONTHLY ELECTRICITY AND WATER BILLS