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Commercial department is part of our one-stop shop strategy

In order to better cater to your property needs, we have officially launched our Commercial Department as part of our strategy to become a one stop property shop in the Maltese market. The Commercial Department is being led by Pal Patrik Tarcza, Chief Executive Officer of Gold Lion Real Estate.

Image for commercial press release AdriennWith more than twelve years of experience in the world of commercial real estate, Patrik brings a wealth of regional knowledge and expertise to the market. Contributing to this significant milestone is Adrienn Bakos, Commercial Property Advisor. With a strong sales background and being multi-lingual  (Italian, Hungarian and English), Adrienn is fully equipped to help in the formation and management of the Commercial department. With exposure to eclectic industries, Adrienn can offer customised solutions based on the varied requirements of companies, including the Igaming sector. By understanding the unique structure of Igaming companies and their mode of operations, she will understand their prerequisites’ as well.

As you, our customer is at the heart of our strategy, we spent eight months in building a diverse portfolio of commercial listings. Our team can provide a holistic set of property services that include supplementary ones such as how to set up businesses in Malta and guidance on local taxation laws. As part of Gold Lion Holding, the Commercial department is equipped to serve all property related needs in-house. For instance, if it is a fit-out that an office space requires, then Gold Lion Construction can step in to take care of that.

When dealing with our Commercial property division, it is one entity that a customer will have to interact with. This will prove effective in terms of productivity and efficiency as it will reduce lag times between contractors and suppliers.

Check out our press release published in the Times of Malta.