Could changes in Israel mean more igaming business in Malta?

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Why? Because Gold Lion Holding is no ordinary group of companies in Malta, its essence is to ease the overall customer experience by converging all property related services under one roof. Gold Lion Holding’s partners possess a diverse, rich portfolio of businesses around the globe. Ranging from import & export, aviation to finance,
Gold Lion Holding’s strategy is being defined by leading international business experts. Therefore, you can trust us when you bring your business to Malta. Igaming is a thriving industry and has attracted global attention. Many firms from around the globe have set up a base here. Malta has established itself as a leader in the European igaming market.

Challenges in the Israeli Igaming Sector

Israel is an industrialised country that has experienced swift, effectual development. With a diverse portfolio of industries, it has a technically advanced free market economy. Known as the “Start-up Nation”, it had a thriving Igaming sector which has now begun to feel the adverse effects of law enforcement, changes in policies and overall public apprehension.

Social and Political Landscape
Traditional Israeli culture is not receptive to the concept of gaming; be it betting, sports related or internet gaming. Political forces do not advocate igaming avenues and uphold a strictly conservative attitude.
Legally, only two forms of gaming are permitted: sports betting and the national lottery. Nearing the end of December 2016, more checks and raids have started being carried out to ascertain whether the regulations are being followed or not.
It does not appear that the prevailing stringent attitude will change that would bolster and liberalise the Igaming realm.

Banning binary options
Binary options, a financial trading instrument with characteristics that resemble gambling when in practice (for instance, sports betting). The Israeli authorities have taken rigorous measures to ensure that it is not practiced nor marketed to the local inhabitants. As the State Bank of Israel is regulating the local non-bank electronic trading market, it is also applying reforms that ensure that companies that function within the boundaries of Israel obtain business from its citizens only.
This will put those companies at risk that do not market their services directly to the domestic market but do so on a global or regional level as Israeli citizens are prohibited from indulging in any gambling activities.
Not only this, there is a law that is in the process of being revised to forbid the marketing of binary options from the Israeli region to the international market as well.


Why relocate to Malta as an Igaming company?


Malta map The world of Igaming is constantly evolving. It needs an environment that is not only conducive to that yet encouraging as well. Malta is a small, gorgeous island with big ambitions. Aspiring to make its mark in the international arena of Igaming, it has set up a structural framework that has allowed the local industry to flourish.

Access to the EU
Imagine setting up an operational base in one country but having access to 28 different markets! As the first European Union member to liberalise remote gaming, it is the ideal centre to relocate your igaming business.

Binary options available
Binary options fall under the Second Schedule of the Investment Services Act and this was confirmed by the Malta Financial Services Authority. This came about because of a ruling made by the European Commission. Companies that provided financial services such as forex trading were regulated by the Maltese Lotteries and Gaming Authority. The latter deals primarily in regulation with the local gaming industry. With strong regulation and consistent monitoring, there is transparency and investors are protected.

Regulator or Mediator?
The regulatory authority in Malta has a strong pool of resources that it can leverage to ensure that all procedures are being followed. This is great for your business as it allows you to function as a legitimate game services provider. Not only that, you will have support from the authorities to assist you if there is a problem with clients. Knock on their doors or walk in (yes, literally walk in!) to their offices to discuss your areas of concern.

Friendly yet effective regulation
The Maltese legal landscape is an incentive for such firms. Although the government offers robust regulatory incentives that support the local industry, the process of gaining a license is stringent. With effective monitoring and control systems implemented, igaming companies can exhibit Malta Gaming Authority’s seal of approval that allows users/players to trust the local platforms. It is brilliant as a marketing move to increase player traffic for your business!

Innovative technical infrastructure
Constant, reliable connectivity is available as the ICT infrastructure is state of the art. There are supplementary e-commerce services available that facilitate the Igaming sector, such as companies that offer online payments. With a broad scope of such providers to choose from, your business can benefit from great solutions!

Attractive gaming taxes and low fees
The rate for corporate tax is a flat 35%. And when you share dividends with shareholders, they qualify for a refund that is approximately 6/7th of the actual tax paid, and declines to a paid tax rate of 5%. The amount of gaming tax depends on the class of license applied and Malta enjoys some of the lowest rates in the European Union.

Diverse pool of talent
Malta is home to many different nationalities and enjoys a versatile, specialised workforce. The Igaming Academy, located in St. Julian’s, provides training to employees from the sector to keep up to date with technical trends, regulatory knowledge and such. With this institution, your colleagues will remain highly trained and globally competitive.

Why invest in Malta?

Strategic location
Located at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is connected to two continents: Africa and Europe and enjoys direct access to the Middle East as well. It is a rich hotbed of varied cultures, history and tradition. As most European cities are only a couple of hours’ away by flight, you will have a geographical advantage. Enjoy proximity to your business partners and clients.

Booming economyigaming in Malta

The planning authorities and the government have undertaken many reforms to transform Malta’s economy from a labour intensive one to a knowledge based one. It has attracted foreign direct investment, especially as the work force comes with lower direct labour costs as comp
ared to the rest of the EU.

English speaking nation (and more languages)

As Malta’s second official language is English, almost all Maltese people are bilingual. The rich, multi-lingual atmosphere eases local operations and lowers barriers in communication.

Sun, sea and sand

Relocating to Malta is a dream come true for many! The charm of the Mediterranean lifestyle, clear-blue sea and bright, sunny weather pulls in individuals from different corners of the globe. It is a great incentive for employees to move to Malta and set up a business there or enjoy the perks of working on the island. A weekend getaway to Gozo (Malta’s sister island) or a refreshing dip in the aqua blue waters of Comino are two of many ways how domestic residents spend their free time.

Why move with Gold Lion Real Estate’s Commercial division?

The commercial department is headed by Pal Patrik Tarcza, Chief Executive Officer of Gold Lion Real Estate. With more than twelve years of experience in the world of commercial real estate, Patrik brings a wealth of regional knowledge and expertise to the market.

Contributing to this significant milestone is Adrienn Bakos, Commercial Property Advisor. With a strong sales background and being multi-lingual (Italian, Hungarian and English), Adrienn is fully equipped to help in the formation and management of the Commercial department. With exposure to eclectic industries, Adrienn can offer customised solutions based on the varied requirements of companies, including the Igaming sector. By understanding the unique structure of Igaming companies and their mode of operations, she will understand their prerequisites’ as well.

Eight months were spent in building a diverse portfolio of commercial listings to cater to the market. The team can provide a holistic set of property services that include supplementary ones such as how to set up businesses in Malta and guidance on local taxation laws.

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