Does Gold match with Green?

…or is Green the new Gold?

You might ask why this question?

Thinking of being environmentally friendly, thinking ‘’green’’ and thinking of energy sustainability at some moments it seems to be in a worth of gold.

At some sort of level we all do care about the pollution, we don’t like a lot of noise, especially next to our homes, and getting stuck in the traffic feels like a nightmare.
But what can be done about it? Or what we can do about it?

What about recycling? From our experience a lot of people don’t know when the recycled rubbish is collected in their area, here’s the answer:

What about enjoying a ride with bicycle to the work in the morning? And you don’t even have to buy one, just rent it for the ride form

Those are just simple baby steps towards improving the environment around us, but let’s take it to the bigger scale, what about the electric cars?

This is the moment when green becomes gold, yes electric vehicle is more expensive, but registration, licence, maintenance is cheaper, and you can apply for a grant up to € 5000 when purchasing one. The most interesting aspect – running cost. The amount of money spent on electricity for charging is nearly 10 times less than you would spend on the petrol for the average car! So calculate it on yearly basis, what would you save.. Owning an electric vehicle does require a garage or a parking space with an electricity outlet or a charging station in a convenient distance.

Charging point network is growing:


Gold Lion is taking the green path, for that you would need to stay tuned in.. more like, we will let you know! 😊