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luxury trend

Living in the lap of luxury can indeed be luxurious! However, as we are a pride of simple, friendly lions; we adore comfort as well. Luxury trends tend to evolve and change with time. As much as we do believe in moving ahead with the times, our motto is to live and let live. If it’s a beige sofa you want with bubblegum pink cushions, we support it!

Of course, luxury interior design can be done on a high end budget, yet can also be done through more cost effective means. It is ultimately all about your lifestyle and how you choose to express yourself.  Our recommendation is to highlight your style through small, personal touches.

What if we told you that you can create your own style in your own image? Does it matter what is trending, or what you have fallen in love with? At Gold Lion Holding, we encourage everyone including our employees, customers and partners to be their true selves. After all, our slogan is: Real Deal, Real People, Real Estate. What better way is there to let your flair shine through than by becoming a trendsetter yourself?

luxury trendWe had promised to share some tips on the latest luxury trends. Well here’s a lion’s perspective: create your own style, follow your heart! Are you sophisticated and elegant? Let’s get you a gorgeous sofa in pastel hues that can be highlighted by a funky sofa drape. That extra splash of colour will reflect your adventurous, daring side as well. You can finish it off with a rectangular glass cocktail table that can have your favourite crystal decoration items placed on it.

If size mattered, the elephant would have been the king of the jungle. Whether your property is cosy or spacious, it does not matter. What matters is that you are the king of your own jungle and you shape it as you please.

Speaking of your own jungle, vibrant jungle themed prints are not only trending in properties right now, but bringing out a whole new side of people. Mixed materials, bright patterns and bold colours are making their way to living rooms and other parts of peoples’ homes.

Need some assistance or guidance in planning your next interior design project? Or just want someone to do it from A-Z, then we have got the guys for you! Give our Construction division a call or book a consultation for some expert advice.