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Floriana F.C. Nursery Fundraising Summer Buffet with Gold Lion Holding

Help empower children through a fun, active experience and teach them the values of discipline, teamwork, friendship and sportsmanship.

Come meet the lions/lionesses on and off the football ground at the Floriana FC Nursery Summer Buffet -held in association with Gold Lion Holding.

As one of the sponsors for this season for our Lion friends, we invite you to enjoy a delicious buffet. Your donation will go a long way in helping the Floriana FC Nursery meet their running and administrative costs while providing a high standard of training to the kids. Not only will you enjoy a mouth-watering meal with your loved ones and companions, you will be contributing to a great cause!

When: 16th September 2016
Where: Floriana FC Nursery
Time: 8:00 pm
Ticket: €15 per person for adults and €5 for kids (under 13)

Floriana FC Nursery is a Maltese football club that has produced national champions and excellent players. Let us come together in the spirit of teamwork and support our children’s dreams! Your donation will go towards the costs of running the Nursery and the expenses of equipment, trainers, coaches, maintenance, facilities etc .

You will have the option to contribute even more to this cause by purchasing a lottery ticket for €3 only. You never know what you might win! It could be a hamper that Gold Lion Holding is donating or perhaps something else of value!

Enjoy a great meal while giving back a little to society! To book your spot now, call Rachel Gatt on 77476589 and make a reservation! Limited seats are available. However, there is no need to worry about parking as there is ample space! So come on down and bring your whole family! We look forward to seeing you there!