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Gold Lion Holding collaborates with St-Edwards College

st edwards gold lion holding paint

Gold Lion Holding is no ordinary group of companies and offers all property related services under one roof. Be it renting a residential property (apartment, penthouse, villa, townhouse etc) or a commercial one, constructing a property, or doing short lets (launching soon), Gold Lion Holding aims to improve the overall customer experience in Malta.

Social responsibility is one of the core values of our company. Gold Lion Holding strives to create a community of cooperation and collaboration through such events. We hope to inspire other companies to join our social efforts and make a positive difference in Malta. This is the mindset of our team; no matter how large or small a business is, we can all come together for a good cause.

This time, we are partnering with St Edward’s College to give a little something back. Previously a military hospital, it came into being as an educational institution in 1929. Over the years, the school has expanded into a full service organisation and caters to all levels and ages.

On 4th March 2017, approximately 25 employees (from Gold Lion Holding) will come together to paint St Edward’s premises. It is a gorgeous, historical building and we are excited to commence this project. Not only will it be a great team building activity, it will be a great work out as well! Our Construction division will supervise us as we paint and offer technical advise. Y Projects will be joining in to give a helping hand and will lend their expertise as well.

Stay tuned as we will share visuals of our work and the final, finished building as well once it is painted!20170224