Gold Lion Holding team at the beach clean-up


We are proud of being the part of people who care!

On 24th of March Gold Lion Holding team participated in the beach clean-up within Making Malta Green and Clean campaign organised by Bay Radio and environmental action group Zibel.

We are happy and proud of the job we did, not to mention the collected amount of rubbish weighing 1.18 tons, which is an impressive (in a sad way) number for the considerably small area covered (Golden Bay, Ghajn Tuffieha and surrounding trekking paths).

Please read more about the results on BayRadio homepage:

At the same time, we are sharing few photos from the event, but…

.. the work doesn’t stop here just yet, we would be taking part in Earth Day Clean Up event on 22nd of April, where 89 locations on our beautiful island will be covered and cleaned-up.
More info and participation actions to be taken here:


Any involvement would be greatly appreciated, let’s do this!

Green is the new Gold 😊