House of Character

Antique, traditional or vintage are the terms this kind of property is described, a peculiar but worthy option, houses of character are one of the many pearls Maltese Architecture can be proud of.

Their construction can date as far as a century, meaning having the pleasure of history and rich culture at your feet. As for dimension there is no need to worry, their capacity can host even the largest family.

Cosy Atmosphere

As soon as you enter the premise, you will be surrounded by unmatched craftmanship and singular fashion. By each step, the Maltese tale will warm your heart and provide the secure state of mind you need.


Think big, BIGGER, BIGGER!
N.1 virtue of the residence, built with stones featuring tall ceilings, you will have plentiful room to spare. Thinking about adding a work of art? Extra wardrobe? No problem.

Amenities and design

Custom made doors and windows with great emphasis on letting natural light coming in; wooden beams, arched rooms and original tiles are the features that make each and every house of character a feast for the eyes. Ordinarily comprised of a back yard, a storage room and a rooftop, you will find place for any activity you want to do.


House of character come converted and unconverted, depending on your taste and buying reason. Each choice can bring their own benefits, although unconverted requires time, experience and high costs. The final product will be expensive but fruitful.

In either case, to keep its majestic appearance consistent maintenance is required.

Family aim

Dream of a family of 4, a big house, a person in the studio reading. From the windows kids can be seen playing in the garden, among beautiful flowers and trees. The sweet scent of a homemade meal lingering in the dining room. The kitchen has everything equipped for aiding the cook to create only the best. After lunch, the children rest in their bunk beds or separate rooms, however you wish.
Their playroom on the second floor will wait. You step out and go for the rooftop, enjoying your drink and admiring the vast lands. You feel at peace.

Fantasy? Not necessarily.