How Not to Annoy Your Neighbors


Your home is your haven, your happy place and the source of your comfort. How about creating a neighbourhood community that becomes your sanctuary? Our pride of lions strongly believes in the spirit of teamwork and sharing joy. We would like to share some tips where you can have some fun and get to know your neighbours as well. Read on to find out more!

Don’t vacuum at 7 am on a Sunday morning

Want your property to be all shiny and sparkling clean? As much as we support cleanliness, we do not recommend going all Rambo on the vacuum cleaner on an early Sunday morning. Let our wake-up calls be subtler!

A little bit of sugar

Next time you need to borrow a cup of sugar and the store is closed (hey, maybe it is Sunday!), go knock on your neighbour’s door. Let’s not knock repeatedly and make sure it is a friendly one. Adding a little bit of sweetness to your morning cup of tea is pure heaven!

how not to annoy your neighboursThose poor heavy feet!

We all know that feeling of heavy feet (like elephants have) after a long day of shopping or at work. But instead of creating musical “thudding” sounds on our floors this winter (read: the neighbour’s ceiling below), put on a pair of your favourite, cosy socks and put your feet up. Both you and your neighbour deserve to relax and enjoy your evening.

Is it summertime and too hot for socks, no worries! Better yet, how about enjoying the weather and going out with your neighbour? Go for a run, a walk by the beach, a drink or invite him over and bond over a cup of coffee.

Hey Shorty, it’s your birthday!

Hey Shorty, it’s your birthday! Let’s have the music at a pleasant volume. Also, how about getting a little more cake and inviting the neighbours?  The more, the merrier we say!

Garage way stories

Yes, you got it. Avoiding blocking the entrance to our neighbour’s drive way or garage is a great way to not annoy them. After all, the garage is where you wave hello, have a quick cup of coffee and chat about your day.

Extra pair of hands (or our friendly, fluffy paws?)

Your neighbour will always be willing to lend you a helping hand in case your baby sitter can’t make it or need him to accept a delivery package for you. Let’s make sure we express our appreciation and not take our neighbours for granted. We are big believers in community and small acts of kindness will only strengthen it.

Love thy neighbour

Cooked your dinner specialty? Yum! Let’s not keep it to ourselves 😉 How about sending some over next door? After all, food is love!20170113