How to calculate your monthly electricity and water bills

When renting a flat or house in Malta you pay your monthly rent to your landlord directly. You would also need to cover your electricity and water consumption. Using the washing machine, taking showers and switching the lights on doesn’t come for free, no matter how much we wish it was the case. So here’s how to make sure you only pay for what you’re using. We recommend you to do this together with your landlord each month so that both of you are keeping things real.


Just to make you aware, there are currently 3 types of rates: Residential, Domestic and Non-Residential. You should be paying the ‘Residential’ one.

Go to the Automated Revenue Management Services (ARMS) website:

Click on ‘Calculate my bill’.

Fill in the details for the period of time and select ‘Residential’ rate. Submit your meter readings.

Press the ‘Calculate’ button.

Bamm. Your bill is calculated for water and electricity just like that.

Want to see the detailed tariffs? Aw, how much we love a curious personality! There you go, check them out here:

Water rates:


Electricity rates: 





Don’t keep this information to yourself. Feel free to tell others who are renting a property in Malta.