How to Not Rent Out your House!

Our pride of lions and lionesses understand that opening the doors of your property to tenants is not an easy feat. We are not just your property advisors, yet your equal partners in this process and are with you every step of the way. Staying in tune with our philosophy, we have devised a few small, friendly strategies that we hope assist you in your journey as a landlord.

  1. Aesthetics

Be it an apartment, a penthouse, a maisonette, a villa or a townhouse, it needs to appear as an alluring option to your prospective tenant. The first impression is the last impression! Finding a messy apartment with clothes strewn all over, dirty floors and stained furniture will send any potential viewer running.

Apart from basic hygiene, it helps if the floors sparkle, the furniture shines and that is it possesses an overall, aesthetically pleasing appearance. High safety standards, durable finishing, and general flexibility in terms of children and pets will help attract a higher number of potential occupants.


  1.  Viability!

Before indulging in any form of real estate activity, it is essential to do some number-crunching! Simply coming up with a random number is not how you rent out your property. Figuring out a negotiable bracket that is reasonable for you and is attainable for the tenant as well is recommended. After all, an empty property does not generate any income and a dead asset is equivalent to no asset at all!

  1. Records!

Not having any form of insurance is not how you rent out your property! We know you are smart, have already purchased home insurance and informed your company that you are contemplating renting your house out. So, we have another friendly recommendation: take pictures of everything in your house, from the bathroom sink down to the last flower (if you have yard or a garden). This is not because you don’t trust your tenant but simply to record the appearance of your house for your own personal peace of mind. If in case in the future, you plan to renovate your property or wish to restore it to its original status for yourself. And yes, it helps to have the pictures on record for any other unanticipated reasons.

  1. Relationships!

Having a tenant who treats your property as his own home is not just a dream-yet a goal that can be achieved. Giving the keys to someone without a credit check is not how you rent out your property! As a landlord, it is imperative to conduct such background checks to ensure you are giving it to the right individual. After this, invite them over for a friendly chat over a cup of coffee and get to know them. Developing a relationship with your tenant will not only create a bond of trust and comfort, but will ensure honesty from both parties as well.