How to prepare your home for a real estate photoshoot?

We offer a fantastic service: to take photos of your property you desire to rent or sell. It means that one of our agents will arrange an inspection with a photographer.

You might ask why?

There are few benefits to mention: as from experience in real estate business we can easily say that potential client will be more interested in a property which has good photos and where agent has been him/herself.

Even though a meeting just for an inspection takes time, we assure it’s worth it. It increases the rate of initial sale. How long you want your property to keep on hanging on the market?

Snapping those photos takes a bit of time, so we have prepared few tips to make the process faster and to ensure that your apartment or house will look as good as it is or might be!


Let us give some tips room by room, mainly from our experience.


Living room/area:

Try to hide all the cables around TV area, keep some décor on empty surfaces


Dining room/area:

Just straighten chairs around the dining table, even a small decoration (vase, candleholder) on that table will give a great touch



Try to hide the cables of small appliances like toaster, kettle.

Hide the dishwashing liquid and sponges and clothes.

Please do not leave any water bottles, or any other open bottles around, the same goes for the food packages open or not.



Hide all the cleaning detergent bottles, shampoos, shower gel bottles etc.

Place towels where they are supposed to be, it makes the room look less ‘’cold’’

Spotless mirrors and shower door is a must!

And please close the toilet lid!!!



Just beautifully made up beds would be nice, and the bedside lamps switched on..
Make it look appealing for a client and welcoming, because that’s where your day starts and that’s where your day comes to an end!


General tips:

As photography is all about the light, we will need some light, a lot of light – all the curtains/ blinds shall be open, and all the lights shall be switched on (including even the small kitchen extractor light) it gives more dimension to the photo and a cosy feeling as such.

Make sure that property is clean and organised. If you have small maintenance works going on, it’s absolutely fine, we will avoid those parts and angles. And we might move some small furniture around as well, just to get a better shoot.

Cleanliness is the key factor for potential clients to like the property. Just the most important thing that shiny surfaces and mirrors are spotless.. a bit of dust here and there is not that big of a deal, and considering the weather conditions, it wouldn’t be possible to keep the windows and glass doors superclean, we are realistic here 😊


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