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Meet Bobby Cesareo, our office manager – she’s the one who will greet you when coming to our office in Sliema.

Gold Lion Holding is a home for striving and success-oriented individuals, having a national and cultural diversity where all of us are working for common and personal goals, Bobby is the perfect fit because of her social communication and interactions skills which have been developed by experiences working with various companies and people from divergent backgrounds.

Born and bred Maltese, coming from family of Valletta, shared childhood with 3 sisters where one of them is her identical twin sister, yes, a lot of confusing moments still up till today. Mother of 2 grown boys.

She is always out and about, likes to meet people, be social and get things going and put them in right places. Has a passion and flair for fast cars, one of her goal is to own a sportscar, so at the moment she is a voluntary in Malta Motorsports organisation and being a big football fan not only follows every important game of her supported English team but works as well in a committee of a local football club. As helping others is in her nature she very much enjoys being a part of Malta Community Chest fund on voluntary basis.

Bobby manages to adapt to a new working place rather fast and as she said, she felt welcomed in Gold Lion holding straight away, could relate with colleagues straight away and enjoyed it mainly because of young and dynamic team and organisation. For her we are not just work mates – we are team mates!

She has worked from hotels to distributors, from human resources management to gaming companies, mainly as personal assistant or as an office support specialist whilst focusing on people and their talents. Admittedly couple of positions have been challenging, but she approaches the challenges and obstacles with a positive attitude and determination to get things done. She proves to have a great a drive and focus to accomplish all the necessary tasks to the perfection, it’s a pure job satisfaction.

Seeing the dynamics and growth of the real estate business, it always has been on her horizon to work within this industry. As everyone comes from a distinct social circle, her recommendations, commitment and respect towards company core values as well as the vast amount of abundant experiences are appreciated the most.

Throughout her work-life she has trained herself to be in the present moment and to focus on how to increase her efficiency. Meanwhile, always sees the room where and how to grow and how to expand herself professionally. After 20 years of a keen career she believes that self-development and not being stagnant is a key factor for success.

Hassling to sell her home and finish up the new one, her moment of relaxations is good food, absolutely loves fresh fish and cheese and having Italian blood running in her, pasta is very much appreciated…. and travelling – goes abroad for short breaks every few months, New Zealand, Indonesia is on a bucket list, though for now, just at the end of the month she will be off to Sicily on a boat trip with her partner.

A small dream of hers is to go on voluntary work for at least six months.



Come and visit our office: 10-12 Bisazza Street, Sliema

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