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Inside the Lion’s Cave: Daniela Debono

She is the first person one talks to when coming to Gold Lion Holding’s office. She is the one, who takes care of all of us and manages to be at the right place and at the right time. We often associate her with Donna from Suits TV show, due to her extremely proactive personality and know-how attitude. Our Miss Congeniality, Daniela Debono is always there to support on any matter. Our people are our greatest assets, and Daniela is certainly among the main ones – after all, she is the one who helps keeping things organised at the office.

IMG_0081 copyAs an Office Manager and PA to our CEO Mátyás Sziráczki, Daniela has a lot of responsibilities – starting from emails and paperwork, ending with agents’ assistance, numbers, invoices and continuous communication. Having an energetic and charismatic personality, she knows how to deal with different kinds of people.

Daniela is a passionate traveller – she has been to places not only in Europe, but also visited such countries, like the United States of America and Australia. Travelling, in her opinion, is one the most important things in life; she loves exploring new countries and learning about their cultures and traditions. Daniela’s favourite city is London, due to its fascinating history.

Besides having a passion for travelling, she also has her priorities worked out in her life. Daniela puts her family and friends first and appreciates three main things in life, which are happiness, health and success.

In her free time, Daniela enjoys going out, meeting people and attending best local events. Besides that, she also enjoys calm and laid-back days spent with friends and their kids. Being a social and intuitive person reflects on her style of work as she always aims to hear you out and help you as much as it’s possible. With such an office manager, what more does one need? We are grateful to have her on board!