Inside the Lion’s Cave: Kenneth Zammit

 “I’m in the right job that makes me the happiest!” – Kenneth Zammit

Here at Gold Lion we have lions of many nationalities: Swedish, French, Hungarian, Maltese, Latvian, Russian, Belarusian, – we are proud to call ourselves an international community! Meet Kenneth – our well-experienced Commercial Property Advisor and find out what he – a Maltese born – has to say about our cultural diversity and the added value of it to our vision!

Kenneth’s initial work within Real Estate dates back to 2008, having had a glimpse of the industry he knew what his destined career was meant to be! Having lived in 2 other countries: Australia and England, Kenneth had exposed himself to various tasks starting from being a culinary artist to opening up catering outlets and maintaining quality and management control in an efficient and profitable manner.

His career at Gold Lion started off in November 2017 and only a couple of weeks later he showed tremendous success – closing his first commercial deal! This February is becoming fourth month of Kenneth being in our company and he is genuinely proud of where he is now. He believes Gold Lion is one of the few companies who has a clear long-term vision, determination and attentiveness to its clients. “At our lion’s cave we have an exceptional team dynamic, full of energy, motivation and eagerness to learn and keep updated within the current Maltese market,” it’s a great place to be” – asserts Kenneth.

When performing his job, he tries to stick to 70/30 rule, where from 70% of the time he dedicates to the clients. “My typical day is keeping in touch with what is on the market, I try to keep myself outside of the office for most of the time” – highlights Kenneth. Apart from being an exceptional salesman, Kenneth devotes some of his spare time with his musical hobbies, experimenting primarily with percussion and digital music production.

Kenneth’s personal vision and professional goal is to be the best Commercial Specialist on the island, focusing also on business consultancy when working with catering and retail outlets specifically.

Are you considering joining us and Kenneth?

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