Inside the Lion’s Cave: Merly Daguplo

Merly (or Maggie) has been with us for few months already, at the beginning she was very quiet and shy. Today, if it happens that she is out of the office for even a short period of time, we notice it straight away!

Doing an internship in Gold Lion Holding in office administration and accounts is not only about the paperwork, for her it is about improving the communication skills, building up your own confidence, especially for a reason that the environment in the company is international with people from different countries. Being in Malta for Maggie means discovering new culture, exploring new places, and making friends from all over the world. Being mainly connected to everyday operation of the Real Estate company she has grasped the importance of providing good customer service and the ability to meet clients’ expectations in the field of real estate.

“As a student coming from abroad, I am very proud to work with real estate company as it is a very popular area of business in the Philippines (her home country) as well. I believe I can use my work experience at Gold Lion Holding to find a good job back at home. Studying and working in a foreign country can change one’s life to a better, expanding the horizons and growing prospectively, that’s why more and more students take this one step further, enriching their lives with a unique experience.”

Back in the Philippines Maggie has been pursuing a Bachelor in Science and Information Technology for a period of 2 years. Aside of her studies, she works for a company in Denmark and offers a helpful hand to her parents to run the family business.

“Malta is rather small but insanely beautiful island and one of the most appealing touristic spots in Europe. People are very friendly and easy to talk due to the Mediterranean culture. As nearly everyone speaks English here, communicating is not a problem at all. Gladly, Malta has many spots to relax and do yoga, as I love doing it regularly!”

Coming September Maggie will be continuing her studies in accounts in Italy, we wish her all the best of luck! 🙂