Inside the Lion’s Cave: Natalia Thekow

Our Real Estate team is expanding rapidly, we have personalities which are being noticed quite a lot, especially on social media platforms, and then there are few who seem quiet. Having diverse types of employees allows us to work in a great sync as we embrace the strengths of everyone and help them with the professional and personal self-development. Please meet one of our Property Advisors currently specialising on sales, who joined the company just a few months ago.

Natalia Thekow – absolutely remarkable and inspiring woman in her early thirties, mother of 3 children, with such a distinctive drive and attitude, that you just want to be on the same team with her.

Born and raised in Siberia, where acquired education in government management and financial expertise, then moved to Germany for 6 years to expand the horizon and professional experience. Was sent to Malta on a business trip and fell in love with this country, promised herself that one day will live here. After a dream it became a plan and now it has become a reality. As Natalia admitted herself – the life planning is being arranged according to the educational cycles of children, usually on 5-year basis.

She goes through life without a fear and faces difficulties with a big smile on her face. She teaches the same attitude and approach to her children as well as the importance of being independent which comes through experiences gained. ‘’Yes, I can do!’’ describes her attitude.

After assessing current economic situation in Malta and the possibilities of the areas where to work at, the previous experiences in banking sector where part of it was connected to the financial and quality valuations of bank properties it was crystal clear that the real estate business is the one to go into.

Natalia is looking at this opportunity as the way how to grow and to gain good earnings, nevertheless personal self-development is more important than the actual amount of earning.

From the day one (since moving to Malta in September) she has been impressed how easy it is to deal with people and businesses here, how charming and particular the environment of traditional culture is, how strong people living here are.

Looking back at her achievements from September till today she is happy but not entirely satisfied, though as she expressed, the decision to come and work for Gold Lion has been one of the best decisions made, because she sees herself on the same level as the company: ‘’never rest on your laurels’’ as well as the expertise in field and the service given to clients is being valued and appreciated. Patience in words and actions shows great stability.

She believes in herself, she believes that actually working less and more efficient will bring better results, it’s all about the time management, destressing and keeping the focus on what is important for herself and for her freedom. Seems to be working! How else would it be possible that Natalia has planned the summer holidays for her family already, is taking salsa classes, is on the bicycle on regular basis, manages the household without any extra help and is remarkable and impressive Property Advisor?


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