Inside the Lion’s Cave: New Property Advisors!

Gold Lion Real Estate is developing and growing at a fast rate, we are glad to introduce Brad Charnock, Benjamin Markmann and Katalin Ringer in our team. For them, the training period has already started and soon you will have the pleasure of meeting them. Here some short info:

Always on the wave of new trends, Brad Charnock came ashore from Australia to Malta. Searching for new adventures, the Property Jungle became his new habitat. Brad’s expertise is recreation, safety and facilities which will be vital for you to reach the right destination. Unforeseen events can happen, but his fighting spirit matches a lion’s energy as he likes to challenge himself in various sports and arts from rugby to Jiu-Jitsu. Captivated by the professional and social atmosphere of Gold Lion, Brad is ready to win!
Fascinated by the Mediterranean weather and the festive social life Benjamin has arrived to Malta to start his new career way in Real Estate with Gold Lion Holding. Studied Psychology for years, Benjamin Markmann professionally finds the right individual approach for every client’s need and provide them with the perfect solution. Benjamin works only with high standards and aims for ambitious achievements. Delicate mind, powerful hands, his backswing will reach your heart!
One-way ticket to Malta, luggage full of goals, Katalin Ringer from Hungary aims for the stars. Being down to earth, detail oriented Katalin has plans to deliver dream places all around the island. Her qualification is “Economist in Business Administration and Management”, assurance of her already proven competence. She is not a new face at Gold Lion Holding as she has been Office Manager. She is very glad to fulfill her desire to be interactive, to care and listen to people in her new role. Katalin has a very passionate nature and when not in the office she likes to boil her lioness’ blood with Latin American dances and karaoke.