Inside the Lion’s Cave: Our new Property Advisors


Did you notice that a while ago we were looking for sales and rental real estate specialists?

After thorough and expansive training Gold Lion Real Estate is proud to introduce you to 8 new Property Advisors who show a great deal of dedication, interest in the related field of business and passion about customer service. Coming from different countries and backgrounds of their experiences, they will find the same “language” with you most definitely. They are eager to grow and become the best real estate experts on the island.


Frank Estruch

Moved from Spain to Malta in October 2017. Frank’s initial goal was to improve his level of English. Eventually he has fallen in love with the country and got to know about the company from one of our colleagues! Back in Spain he was involved in the hospitality business after getting his degree in Business Administration and Management.


Godson Atama

Born in Nigeria. Godson lived in Budapest for 5 years. He pursued a career as a financial agent within an investment company. Godson enjoys challenges in his life so the idea of moving to another country was on his mind. Having discovered Gold Lion Holding job offer on Facebook and being amazed by the level of customer care service the company provides, his decision was crystal clear, after all we have 9 months of summer here in Malta.


Callum Rowe

Callum worked in the construction business while he was living in the United Kingdom. Unlike others, he moved here because of the family connections to Malta. Gotten to know about the job opportunity, Callum decided to grab it without hesitation as he finds the company’s vision fantastic and felt an immediate connection to his previous experience. In his free time, Callum enjoys travelling, cross fit, going to the gym, boxing and soccer.


Viktoria Laner

Being born in Poland and having lived in Denmark, Portugal, Croatia and now Malta, Viktoria can be considered a true traveller. What made her choose Malta? A mixture of opportunities and the lifestyle the country provides. Passionate about healthy eating and cooking, sports, yoga and self-development, she is the one who is fully conscious about the environment and the ecology. Viktoria believes in the vision and values of Gold Lion Holding and greatly appreciates the growth and the position of the company on the market!



Jacqueline Gutke

For Jacqueline moving to Malta has been a decision to gain more life experience by taking herself out of her comfort zone. Coming from Sweden, she has been living here for 2 years, worked in social services and in I-gaming sphere. As the majority of Swedes, she moved to Malta because of the sunny weather. A while ago she rented an apartment with Gold Lion Real Estate and was stunned by the excellent service that was provided which made her decision obvious when considering a carrier change. Having her Swedish friend working for Gold Lion Holding as a property advisor, she decided to become one herself. Being a pro in volleyball, she also enjoys Taekwondo and swimming.


Sabi Balogh

Living in Malta for over a year now, Sabi moved here from Hungary with an aim to change his life and work for his future goals. Got to know about Gold Lion Holding from friends as a place where to build a career and to grow as a person. He enjoys water sports – kayaking/swimming/hiking and has a very cute dog!


Clement Silva

Clement is coming from a beautiful town of Nantes situated in Midwest France. He has been in Malta for a while now, 8 months to be precise. English being an official language, sea, lifestyle and the sun are the things he likes about Malta. Having had an experience in I-gaming, he has realised staying in front of the PC is not his thing – he is more of a person who needs to be on the move and around people. Clement is holding Customer Service and Negotiation degree, which he believes, will greatly contribute to building a career within Real Estate and setting him on the right path for his future. Clement is passionate about Thai boxing, jogging and travelling.


Florian Krause

Florian left his hometown Berlin a year ago in search for new experiences and opportunities to explore Mediterranean lifestyle. Since he relocated to Malta, he has been contemplating the growth of Gold Lion Holding and thus has decided to join the team of the Real Estate professionals. His ideas go hand-in-hand with our company’s – he is a nature and environment concerned person, who enjoys devoting time for beach clean-ups and closely related activities.