Inside the Lion’s Cave: Summer Internship with Thủy Bùi

Gold Lion Holding is always happy to help students complete their studies and give them a mentoring supervision to get a professional experience. We believe that an internship is a good opportunity to see the working environment from inside and to understand how business processes work. We offer two positions for the interns at our company – Marketing Department and Finance & Administration Department.

Meet Thủy Bùi, a student from Vietnam, who just completed her Finance & Administration Internship!

A traveller soul, Thuy came all the way from the land of Dragon to work for the Lion. Currently she studies Finance and Insurance at University of Calabria in Italy. Numbers are her passion as she can showcase her extensive educational background in accounting, banking and finance. Thuy has a double degree in Accounting/Banking & Finance and she took her chance to experience a 3 months summer training under the supervision of Lion’s experts.

We are happy to share her impressions and emotions about the experience she has got at Gold Lion Holding:

GL: “Why did you choose Gold Lion Holding to have you internship?”

Thuy: “I found the company, read the information on the website and I thought “This is the best move I can take, from a personal, cultural and professional point of view, and in fact I had the chance to meet culturally different people, learn various communication methods while improving my already formed skills.”

GL: “What were your main responsibilities?”

Thuy: “Bank reconciliation, in short words, I was responsible for matching the balances in the company’s records of the cash account with the bank statement. Like a detective I would go through all the evidence and assure the course of the events. Like a judge I would determine the truth. The degree of responsibility I have been assigned was more than I expected, and I was more than happy about that, since it showed trust in my capabilities.”

GL: “What skills have you learned apart from accounting and finance?”

Thuy: “How to write professional emails, how to communicate and what was the most important for me – I learned how to express my opinion.”

GL: “How would you describe the ideal supervisor now, having had a work experience at Gold Lion Holding?”

Thuy:Well, I would say that Gold Lion raised the standards of how I think a supervisor should be. I can’t help to compare my previous positions with the one I just had, all in all my ideal supervisor should:

-classify the work step by step,
-be open for discussion and intern’s opinion,
-have good time management,
-have patience to teach.”

GL: “What was your favourite task?”

Thuy: “My favourite task was to classify invoices under different categories. Being the last line in terms of accuracy gives me a feeling of incalculable satisfaction.”

GL: “What expectations did you have in the beginning and have they been met?”

Thuy: “I was worried that I wouldn’t manage to complete all the tasks, but it turned out I managed everything. Clear understanding of the company’s procedures, connection between finance and administration were also my achievements.”

GL: “What pieces of advice would you give for the next intern?”

Thuy: “It’s very simple – do your best and get the maximum from your work experience!”

It was a pleasure to have Thuy in our team and we would like to express our gratitude for her hard work at Gold Lion Holding and we wish her all the best on her professional way.