Inside the Lion’s Cave: Susanna Ambartcumian

Here at Gold Lion Holding we encourage people to grow, the most perfect way how to help someone to experience the work life, lead someone in their first steps towards being a professional in the related field of their studies is by offering a planned and supervised internship.

Meet Susanna – our Marketing Intern!

Coming from a diverse background, Susanna is the person who truly enjoys a multicultural environment. This can be proven by the fact that she left her home country – Russia, when she was still a teenager (only 16) and has been living in 5 countries for the past 6 years. Her friends and even some family members never know what her next destination is, though Susanna knows it herself very well, but sometimes life is too unpredictable to plan her journeys, once there is a good opportunity, it has to be taken!

Being a 3rd year student in the Netherlands, Susanna had to choose a perfect destination for her internship in Marketing. Decision to undertake her work experience in Malta was sudden, nevertheless she believes – she could not have found a better company for her internship that meets all her expectations. “Here at Gold Lion Holding, I get a hands-on diversified experience along with an opportunity to grow and prove myself in the areas I like the most. Not the least important is the Marketing team I work in: together with Diana and Elgars we have the right synergy between us, which is needed for the continuous workflow. I get an enormous support from them both as well as the trust to work independently.”

During her internship Susanna has tried herself in various areas: Online Social Media Marketing, Event Management, Search Engine Optimisation and many more. As a Marketing team together with her colleagues they specialise on website quality control, social media planning, monthly promotions, marketing records analysis and content creation to name a few.

In the weekends, as any other tourist, Susanna explores the Maltese islands and the local culture. She finds it fascinating that there are quite many opportunities for networking and self-improvement. Every other day she faces a challenge of choosing which one of the exciting event to attend. Two weeks ago, for instance, she participated in a start-up weekend event where she had a chance to pitch her own start-up idea related to the education.

We love the spirit and the devotion!