Inside the Lion’s Cave: Timi Orosz

We, from Gold Lion Holding believe that everyone has the potential to grow and be their best selves. That’s why we find it important to give each employee the opportunity to prove themselves and climb high in their career at our organisation. Our Marketing director and the CEO for Gold Lion Holiday, Timi Orosz, has impressive achievements after only one and a half year working within the company. Timi has been there from the very beginning and watched Gold Lion Holding being born. Now it’s time to tell you her success story.

‘Ambitious and positive’ are the perfect words to describe Timi. Originally from Hungary, but lived in the UK for ten years where she was working in the banking sector. She came to Malta because she felt like a change was needed in her life. As Timi is an ambitious person, she always wants to keep progressing in her career. So, with a fresh start in mind, she came to Malta where she met Matyas Sziraczki, now our Holding CEO, who had an interesting business idea in mind; ‘Gold Lion’. At that time, Timi was providing marketing services on a self-employed basis mainly as content writer and branding advisor.  She immediately resonated with the vision and structure of Gold Lion and jumped at the opportunity to start carrying out the market research, plan the overall marketing strategy and required budgets. Besides that, she also created the branding of Gold Lion as we know it today.

Timi decided to focus solely on the organisation and became the marketing director of Gold Lion Holding as Gold Lion Construction and Gold Lion Property Development was launched only a few months after the grand opening of Gold Lion Real Estate.
When Gold Lion Holiday was in the phase of taking off the ground and was in need of a leader, Timi got the opportunity to become CEO of Holiday. The reason why she was offered this opportunity is due to her attitude: she was eager to learn, to push herself and get out of her comfort zone which is the way for development and improvement. It was recognised by the management that she had that drive, so it was a very good fit.
Even though there wasn’t an established team within Gold Lion Holiday for the first few months, it didn’t mean Timi had to do it all by herself. Team work is one of the core values of the group and this is pursued in our way of acting. Although there wasn’t officially a Holiday team, Timi was surrounded by the Gold Lion Holding team giving her a helping hand when it was needed.
In the last few months the Holiday team was established carrying the same core values as the group has and Gold Lion ResidenSea guesthouse successfully opened its doors in St Julian’s to visitors looking for holiday accommodation in Malta.

When we asked what Timi liked the most about her work at ResidenSea, she mentioned the two words ‘opportunities and recognition’. You’ll always get support, even if you make mistakes. You get the time and space to improve yourself and according to Timi, that’s exactly what the company offers. In return we are working together with motivated and happy colleagues whom are providing high level of customer service. Timi finds it important to work in a fun atmosphere where everyone is motivated to do their best.

“Hopefully Gold Lion has turned some lives around, my life is definitely changed for sure. It’s nice to see that the core values are lived and breathed within the company and all of us are passionate about what we do”.

Recently, Timi accomplished another one of her goals: becoming a shareholder of Gold Lion Holiday. Although she already achieved quite a bit in her career, Timi keeps setting goals and plans for the future. What she will be focusing on next year is establishing ResidenSea and maintaining a good level of customer service.
Her tips for people who want to improve themselves? Listen and learn. Find a good mentor who can teach you new things and ask them for feedback. Feedback may not always be nice to hear, but that is exactly how you get better.


We are very happy to have such a hardworking and motivated person on our team and we hope she can accomplish many more goals in her career.

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