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Inside the Lion’s Cave with Matt

Culinary artist and property specialist Matt Mihaly began his journey with Gold Lion Holding when the company was still an aspirational dream. He is one of the many rising stars in the organisation and a well-rounded, talented individual.matt

His Maltese adventure began eight years ago when he relocated here and commenced his journey at a restaurant. His personal policy was to spend at least one week in the kitchen as he wanted to understand the food and the flavours that were served to the clients. This strong work ethic has been inherited from his family as he grew up helping out with his family business and developing a sharp business acumen.

An explorer at heart, he has travelled the world and spent time in Australia in addition to discovering the European region. However, it was the Australian shores that left a permanent, auspicious imprint in his heart. He enjoys different cuisines and has a natural flair for cooking. He moved to England and worked in a kitchen of a leading restaurant. However, the Maltese summers and clear azure sky called out to him.

Before becoming a property advisor, he worked and trained recruits at various restaurants and learnt from the finest chefs in Malta. As much as he enjoyed it, he wished to learn more. Matt moved to the northern regions of Malta and it was here he met the CEO of Gold Lion Holding which eventually led him to secure his current position with us.

Coming from a large family in Hungary, Matt became skilled in the art of negotiation at a young age. With six siblings, he had to learn fast! As a property advisor, he has honed his skills in ensuring that both the owner and client get the best deal possible. He shares that he enjoys this aspect of the real estate activity along with other processes as well. Matt is passionate about finding the right balance between the owner and client and has always been good with numbers. He enjoys mathematics as well in his spare time.  Outside of work, he is always seeking ways to improve himself professionally and personally. Matt enjoys reading spiritual books and taking different kinds of courses such as Reiki which he has completed now at a master level.

With a property advisor on the path of continuous self-improvement and growth, what else do you need? Visit Matt’s profile on Facebook or on our website to learn more or give him a call so he can find you your next dream property.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mattmihaly.goldlion.7?fref=ts

Website:    http://glmalta.com/agent/matt-mihaly/20160909