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Interview with Dr. Hugh Peralta, Chairman of Gold Lion Holding

We sat down with Dr. Hugh Peralta, Chairman of Gold Lion Holding. Dr. Peralta is a renowned Maltese lawyer with many years of experience in providing consultancy and advisory services to various local and international organisations in Malta.  With his plethora of knowledge, it will be fascinating to hear his thoughts and ideas.

Good afternoon Dr. Hugh Peralta, thank you for joining us today. Can you please share what your background and experience is?

I will start from the beginning, which is always a good place to start from.  I was born in Balzan which is a small village in central Malta. I went to university and obtained my B.A. in English History and Italian. I started to teach English and graduated as a lawyer in 1971. I also won a post graduate scholarship to Bologna University and have worked as a lawyer since then. I established my own law firm in 1982. In January 2013, I passed my practice on to another law firm. Now, I have time to dedicate to myself, to my family and to help others in an advisory role, for example, as Chairman of Gold Lion Holding.

What encouraged you to take on the role of Chairman of Gold Lion Holding?

This role fits my profile and experience as a commercial/civil law lawyer.  It is an interesting challenge as it is different from judicial/legal work. I was introduced to Gold Lion Holding by David Bene, CEO of Gold Lion Construction.  I met the team behind the company and we developed a mutual understanding and respect. It was the vision and the vigour of the leaders involved that encouraged me to take this role on.

I am currently working as a consultant with a few other commercial firms. I have always enjoyed participating in sports and organising them as well, primarily football. Therefore, I dedicate time to the Floriana Football Nursery, on a purely voluntary basis. We try to teach the boys skills and values that will help them both on and off the football ground. It is giving back to society.

dr peraltaGold Lion Holding, as a property solution services provider, has a different background and a fresh, young mentality. It has a serious, professional style of conducting its business affairs. It is important for me to know that the organisation I am involved with has implemented local regulatory procedures and processes.

Although Gold Lion Holding was launched around 9 months ago, it is growing rapidly and has expanded to employ a sizable number of people. Gold Lion Holding’s strategy is effective as it is customer driven and I support that.

As our line of business is in the property industry, what is your perception of the Maltese real estate market?

The real estate market in Malta is strong, dynamic and still evolving. I believe there is a lot of potential, especially vis-a-vis the international market.   The Maltese people believe in investing in properties, or rather, in “stone”, as it is known locally. It is an asset form that is still preferred over other investment instruments such as precious metals, securities or shares.  One is to recall that Malta is a small island with limited access to land and has a dearth of natural resources.

Malta has attractive tax regimes for several industries, such as the financial and Igaming sector. As foreign direct investment has trickled in and brought about an influx of expats, this created an increased demand for residential properties. In turn, this has pushed developers and other affiliated companies to improve the overall quality of properties in the local market.

As there is always room for growth and improvement, it is great that Gold Lion Holding is functioning with a diverse business model and can offer all property related services under one roof. This will improve overall customer experience.

Can you highlight a commercial life value of Gold Lion Holding that resonates with you the most?

I think one of the most important values is honesty.  It is vital to be honest in all aspects of life: be it in one’s commercial/civil dealings, one’s transactions or in one’s relationship with a business partner. This strengthens your reputation in the business world and makes you reliable as a person. If people can trust that your word is your bond, it will assist in establishing enduring client relationships as well.

This is reflected in Gold Lion Holding’s philosophy and is a cornerstone in its strategy as a customer-oriented company. It echoes in their slogan as well: Real Deal. Real People. Real Estate. Gold Lion Holding’s employees strive to be honest, open and real with their clients as well as their stakeholders.

Is there any advice or key learnings that you would like to share from your experiences?

Act onto others as you would want them to act onto you. It is advisable to treat others as you would want them to behave towards you.

One should always do their best in life, strive to achieve their potential and fulfil their dreams and goals.  Be true to yourself.  Adopt positive values, attempt to practice them, and defend them. But do not judge.

This is what I believe in and would like to share.

Dr Peralta is married to Christine (nee Agius Vadala) and has two children Filippa and Carl, and five grandchildren.   

We are honoured that Dr. Hugh Peralta has come on board Gold Lion Holding as Chairman. We thank Dr Peralta who took out time from his busy schedule to speak to us. With his diverse expertise and knowledge, he is truly a humble man whom we admire very much. It was a pleasure getting to know him and we look forward to his role as Chairman of Gold Lion Holding.