Is your home ready for Halloween?

Scary times are coming…All Saints’Eve is behind the corner ready to scare you. Are you armed to welcome it?

Costume and make up are not enough.

Have also a terrific home!

There is no need to buy expensive decorations or become the pumpkin carver master in order to be monstrous.

In this article inspired by Houzz, we will go through easy ideas to make your property incrediboo!


“If you play with fire, you get burned”

Isn’t Halloween the best day to risk?

Candles make a great décor, they are cheap, findable almost everywhere and they come in different shapes.

The advice is to put them near mirrors and on medium/tall surfaces.

Got kids or pets?

Switching to flameless would be the best choice. We don’t want your house to transform into a living hell.

Mad scientist specimen

Want to showcase your failed and non-experiments?

Buy toy spiders and other spooky creatures–> insert them into a transparent glass–>add fake blood/pus and poof!

The creepy formula succeeds.

Extra eyes in the house

On the door, on the pumpkins, on the windows, on the fridge, on the toilet… Everywhere!

Make people entering your premise feel like they are constantly being watched.

No carve pumpkins

No green finger no Donatello’s hand?
No carve pumpkin, a trend on the rise, saves time and let nonsuper creative people give it a go!
As illustrated above to make it even easier we suggest combining no carve with the googly eyes.

Ghostly family portrait

Let technology help you! There are thousands of applications which can take a haunted picture. Dead-serious pose, apply a black and white filter, print it, hang it and you are good to go…to the underworld!

Paint your jars

Take some jars out of your cupboard and sketch some fear-inspiring elements. Don’t worry if your drawings turn out to be horrible, they’ll work anyway!