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Is your kitchen trendy enough?


Our pride of lions and lionesses believe that transforming a property into one’s dream home is a personal and sometimes a pain-staking process. To help you with your design dilemmas, we sought out the latest kitchen trends and thought we would share them with you.

Bright, loud shades are out as more subdued, calmer tones are taking over. The kitchen has evolved to not only become a place where scrumptious meals are whipped up; yet also a central gathering place for families that unite to catch up and spend quality time together. Be it an infant taking his first step as his/her prepares breakfast or your teenage daughter excitedly returning home to share the news that she made the school swimming team. Hence, it is crucial that the kitchen be a soft, peaceful haven.

One can never go wrong with a white theme and is going to remain a popular choice of colour. You can bring life to the whiteness with a pop of colour of your cabinets and shelves. Light blues, light greenish greys, and charcoal are trending nowadays. At the Lion’s Cave, we highly recommend grey as not only is it one of our brand colours, yet it is a beautiful shade that goes well with everything!

A kitchen with a metallic finish is our favourite! You can utilise it for the faucets, sinks, or even your lighting solutions. Make your kitchens spacious and minimalistic. This allows you to enjoy plenty of cooking space whilst being practical and catering to your cooking needs. Yes, catering to your needs (our pun is intended!) Mix different textures will create a unique contrast for a detailed yet aesthetically pleasing appearance. The same stone can be styled in 2-3 variant ways and will not only reflect the detail yet the heart and soul you have poured into creating the perfect kitchen for you!

Try to be a little bold and adventurous (like our lions) whilst retaining the modernity and minimalistic appeal of your kitchen. Paint the backsplash a vivacious colour or brighten up your fitted stove with a shade that is close to your heart! We truly hope the kitchen trends we have shared with you ease your design journey and make it a lot more enjoyable! If you want the design to be hassle free, contact our Construction division to create a 3D design of the new finish!