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Meet Gabriele “the Blade” Martelli, boxing wonder!

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Gabriele Martelli moved to Malta in 2014 and printed T-shirts with “Want a Coach?” written on it. Guess what happened next? He met the President of the Boxing Federation in Malta at a bus stop. Amazing! His entrepreneurial mindset led him to form MBT (Martelli Boxing Team) on the island and is looking forward to developing his brand further.

We hope you had the chance to see our fun video from last week where Gabriele “the Blade” Martelli and our Holding CEO, Matyas Sziraczki, were training together (if not, no worries, click here to see it now) for the WBU International SuperMiddleWeight Title fight. Don’t miss your chance to see Gabriele in live action on 10th December!

As shared, we are super excited to be sponsoring Gabriele Martelli. He is truly a lion both in and outside the boxing ring! How? Read on! Did you know that this multi-talented boxer had become a certified diver, aiming for a world record, at the young age of six?

And no, it doesn’t stop here! He is also well trained as a fighter in the art of Karate and began training from the age of 14. He has travelled the world and competed in different championships. Our Italian sports superstar won the World Karate Championship in 2003 in the 75-kg category and has held the title of Italian Karate Champion more than ten times between 1997-2003.

Being this fit and this awesome takes a lot of hard work! Yes, Gabriele does make it look easy, but there is a lot going on behind the scenes. Can you imagine waking up early in the morning and we mean early, say 5 am? Only to start training! That’s right, we admire him for having this incredible level of commitment and self-discipline. He enjoys leading a healthy, fit lifestyle. In fact, this is his favourite part of boxing.

“Life is a ring, and it is tougher than the boxing ring as there are no rules,” says Gabriele who is also a coach and fitness trainer. He shares that he forms meaningful connections with his students. A boxing ring is a controlled scenario with rules and regulations that must be followed. However, as a coach and trainer, Gabriele’s philosophy is to build their fighting spirit and courage to encounter the obstacles that life may throw at them. What did we tell you? He is truly a lion in and out of the boxing ring! Inspired by his father, Gabriele states that he wishes to continue pushing himself and his limits to see what further heights he can soar too. For him, the “maximum is the minimum”, in his own words.

Join us on 10th December to show your support to Gabriele at the WBU International SuperMiddleWeight Title fight. Grab your tickets to this exciting event from our Lion’s Cave on Bisazza Street, Sliema for only €25.20161130