Never too late for Xmas

Never too early to bother with Christmas decorations, never too late to add some festive charm to your home!

In this article inspired by House Beautiful and Good House, we will go through some evergreen ideas to make your property merry!

Turn on your spirit!

Remember the candles you used for Halloween? Recycle them by restyling: a bit of paint some red and white here and there. Use candle lights if not sure, your Christmassy ardour is enough to warm your house!

Go extra and mini size!

Troubled about dimensions? Choose everything!
Large wreaths on your windows and doors, mini on the tree or your tables.

Outside counts as much as the inside

Yes, the tree can be amazing, but what about what’s under it? Make sure to colour the roots by wrapping your gifts! Old-fashioned combo of red, gold and silver? Sprinkle of blue?

MUGS, mugs and again MUGS!

Don’t hide your fantastic collection, the display of mugs will be the right trigger for a cozy time with hot choco and chill vibes.

Want a modern twist?

Like traditions but don’t want to look outdated?

Add some minimalist and geometric shapes to your décor!

No empty space shall be spared

Christmas bulbs don’t look good only on the tree:
Stuff some lanterns with them


Put them in a bowl and use them as table adornment.

No tree? Take pieces of it!

Go to a park or a green area, find a sturdy branch you like and get creative!

Paint–>bottle or vase–>decorations

Winey candlestick

Reuse wine bottles for you candles. DIY with tape, wrapping papers and ribbons.

Fake snow

If stickers are not your thing, use some washable paint to draw some snowflake, with enough supervision kids will love this activity!

Milk and cookies for Santa. Nutsofast!

Display some celebratory food on a glass vase. Nuts and fruits are a good mix.