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New star on the Gold Lion`s Sky: story of Diana Iskander

IMG_0959 copyShe is a photographer, traveller and sports lover – the new face at Gold Lion Holding, the lovely Diana Iskander, will be an enrichment to our marketing team! She is a very enthusiastic and ambitious person who loves to come up with new ideas. With Hungarian-Egyptian roots she grew up in Hungary, where she visited the University of Szeged to finish her studies in Communication and Media MSC.
Diana realised it at a young age that she has the ‘wanderlust bug’ and wants to see more of what the world has to offer. In addition to her native Hungarian, she is fluent English-speaker as well.
Her first experience of living abroad took her to Belgium, where she was carrying out a scholarship during her master studies regarding communication and marketing. One year later, she fell in love  with  Malta, as she visited this beautiful island for first time. The reason was an internship in a company for communication and public relations, which significantly inspired her lifestyle. She learned a lot from her mentor, especially how to manage your life and your time, how to be more organised and generally how to balance your life efficiently. We are very impressed by her approach to life and we think that this internship might have played a role in becoming the confident and determined woman she is now.
After her internship,  Dia travelled to the beautiful Netherlands, where she has devoted herself to photoshoot great properties and to develop a sense for interior decoration. In those two years in Rotterdam, she got an extensive overview of the real estate market in addition to the world of marketing. Subsequently, Dia went back home to Hungary to let her talents run free by working on tv-production projects.  As you can see, despite her young age Diana has impressing life experiences already. That’s why we are absolutely excited to have her on board!
When we asked her why she wanted to work together with us, she said that she felt immediately a good vibe and a great environment in the office, which is really important to her.  In addition to that, she mentioned that she was visiting our website and when she read the philosophy of the company, she had the wish to be a part of the Gold Lion team! We are very happy that she shares the same values like us, because we can only keep improving our service when we have dedicated team players like Dia behind us.
We also wanted to know why she choose the hidden pearl of the Mediterranean of all places to go. She said she loves it to go to the beach after work, to do water sports like yoga paddling, and she also loves the friendly Maltese people and the English language. She mentioned Malta is a very international country where you have many opportunities. Fortunately, she is taking hers now with Gold Lion Holding.
We look forward to have a successful time with Diana and we are blessed to be working with such interested people like her whom are willing to keep push their limits.

Note from the Author:
“I can say, that I’m really sure, Dia will be very successful here at Gold Lion Holding. She made my internship to be a really special experience that I won’t forget. She had always interesting tasks for me to do and gave me the feeling that my work means something. I wish you all the best!”

Lena Hönisch