OUR PRIDE EXPANDS: New Property Advisors

Gold Lion Real Estate is pleased to announce and welcome its newest property advisors Ryan Piri, Ronja Wilhelmsson and Marcell Osvath. From this week onwards, they will join us and are undergoing intensive training and mentoring in theory as well as in practice before starting to deal with clients. What sets us apart from the others is how we develop the skills of our employees and nurture them.

Persian (Iranian) Ryan Piri came to Malta to have a breath of fresh air and fell in love with the atmosphere here. With an extensive background in management, development and construction of both residential and commercial properties, he started his throughout research for a Real Estate company and Gold Lion suited him perfectly. Coming to understand the dynamics of real estate and master the market is his ultimate goal with our business.


From the cold Swedish lands, Ronja Wilhelmsson will warm your hearth and make your property her #1 priority. Malta’s weather matches her personality, a roaring sun, a blazing guide in the hot Maltese market. Learned about Gold Lion Holding by one of our colleagues, Ronja seeks to deliver the best customer service. As previously involved in the beauty sector, Ronja enjoys hitting the gym or appreciating the sun in the dazzling beaches our island offers.

Success driven and go-getter, Marcell Osvath from Hungary has been a sales-man for 7 years in the USA, impressed by the Real Estate industry in Malta, captivated by our establishment he walked in and sold himself for the position. Not looking for mediocrity, the Hungarian lion aims for being the N.1 agent in the arena. When not in the office, you will find him fuelling his adrenaline on the back of a motorcycle or cheering his favourite rider at the MotoGP.