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Relocate your business to Malta with our Commercial division

Why invest in Malta?

The island of Malta has its own rustic beauty. Its flourishing business sector has brought about a positive change in the quality of life and standard of living. This progression has been gradual, strategic and effective over the past few decades.

Strategic location

Located at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is connected to two continents: Africa and Europe with direct access to the Middle East as well. It is a rich hotbed of varied cultures, history and tradition. As most European cities are only a couple of hours’ away by flight, you will have a geographical advantage. Enjoy proximity to your business partners and clients.

Booming economy

The planning authorities and the government have undertaken many reforms to transform Malta’s economy from a labour intensive one to a knowledge based one. It has attracted foreign direct investment, especially as the work force comes with lower direct labour costs as compared to the rest of the EU.

English speaking nation (and more languages)

As Malta’s second official language is English, almost all Maltese people are bilingual. The rich, multi-lingual atmosphere eases local operations and lowers barriers in communication.

Sun, sea and sand

Relocating to Malta is a dream come true for many. The charm of the Mediterranean lifestyle, clear-blue sea and bright, sunny weather pulls in individuals from different corners of the globe. It is a great incentive for employees to move to Malta and set up a business there or enjoy the perks of working on the island. A weekend getaway to Gozo (Malta’s sister island) or a refreshing dip in the aqua blue waters of Comino are two of many ways how domestic residents spend their free time.


Malta is home to many different nationalities and enjoys a versatile, specialised workforce. Malta offers a high qualified education leading to qualified workers. Companies in Malta will profit from professional workers and motivated employees.

Access to the EU

Imagine setting up an operational base in one country but having access to 28 different markets! As the gateway to Europe, you will have the benefit of marketing your products and services at a “local” level.

Innovative technical infrastructure

Constant, reliable connectivity is available as the ICT infrastructure is state of the art. There are supplementary e-commerce services available that facilitate the business sector, such as companies that offer online payments. With a broad scope of such providers to choose from, your business can benefit from great solutions!

Tax-friendly financial Centre

The fiscal industry is regulated by the Malta Financial Services authority and has an effective structural framework. Investment funds, insurance sectors and wealth management firms are some of the companies that enjoy great benefits in functioning here. The corporate tax is 35% that can be diminished to 0-5%. With different programmes that involve shareholders who do not live in Malta helps achieve this. Large auditing businesses have set up a base here as well.

Also in Malta, the rate for corporate tax is a flat 35%. And shareholders receive dividends, then they may qualify for a refund that is approximately 6/7th of the actual tax paid, and declines to a paid tax rate of 5%.  This makes Malta an attractive tax-friendly location.

All in all, Malta enjoys a reasonable cost of living (relatively low), a gorgeous climate, a growing international, talented workforce and great taxes, it is no wonder that companies choose to relocate here. Many different styles of residential properties are available as well that cater to a variety of budgets and styles. The commercial real estate sector is growing and there are many different kinds of offices available for rent or sale.

If you relocate to Malta, not only will you enjoy the sun personally, it will brighten up your work life as well! With many different kinds of commercial properties, you will have a wide pool of premises to choose from. Literally, there is something for everyone!

Serviced Offices

This is ideal for a young, start-up company as these serviced commercial spaces can be rented based on days, weeks and months. You can even hire meeting rooms to conduct interviews for your new staff. This provides great flexibility and convenience.

Regular Offices

And we also have traditional brick and mortar office spaces available. These can be shaped as per your taste, style and preferences. Give it your own branding and professional touch! Of course, this will take a little bit more time.

Why choose Gold Lion Commercial?

The commercial department is headed by Pal Patrik Tarcza, Chief Executive Officer of Gold Lion Real Estate. With more than twelve years of experience in the world of commercial real estate, Patrik brings a wealth of regional knowledge and expertise to the market.

Contributing to this significant milestone is Adrienn Bakos, Commercial Property Advisor. With a strong sales background and being multi-lingual (Italian, Hungarian and English), Adrienn is fully equipped to help in the formation and management of the Commercial department. With exposure to various industries, Adrienn can offer customised solutions based on the requirements of companies. By understanding the unique structure of your business and the mode of operations, she will match your organisation with the most suitable solutions.

Eight months were spent in building a diverse portfolio of commercial listings to cater to the market. The team can provide a holistic set of property services that include supplementary ones such as how to set up businesses in Malta and guidance on local taxation laws.

As part of Gold Lion Holding, the Commercial department is equipped to serve all property related needs in-house. For instance, if it is a fit-out that an office space requires, then Gold Lion Construction can step in to take care of that. If you need to find accommodation for your employees, our residential department can take care of that as well. Do you have guests visiting for a conference or business? Gold Lion Holiday (launching soon) can manage that as well. All our divisions aim to not only manage customer expectations, yet go the extra mile.

If interested, give us a call or contact us now.