Stuck in traffic again? How to reduce your commuting time?

Traffic in Malta can be a little hectic sometimes. Especially if you work regular office hours it’s very likely you got stuck in traffic before either in your car or sitting on the bus. In case you’ve had enough of getting stuck in traffic on your way to the office and repeating the same thing after your shift then start thinking: what if you lived closer to work?

Finding a property to live in Malta near your workplace would be the ideal solution to your commuting hassle. Imagine taking a 10-20 minute walk, breezing past queuing cars with a big smile on your face. Having your apartment closer to work would significantly decrease the time you spend travelling. Plus you could really enjoy those “5 more minutes” in the morning without worrying that you will be late from work. Yes, the property might cost a little bit more to buy or rent however you would end up spending less for travelling in the long-term. Less stress and more free time. We think it’s worth it.

The busy areas however might not be for everyone’s liking. In case you prefer to live in a property in a peaceful, isolated area away from the shops and office buildings then have you considered car-pooling? Sharing your journey to work with a colleague might not reduce your travelling time, however it can reduce your stress levels instead. Having a travel buddy with you in your car also means less cars on the road which equals to less traffic.

Ready to move closer to work? Tell us in which locality your job is and we will find a property either for rent or sale in that area for you.