Success story: Viktoria Gorska

Meet Viktoria Gorska, our newly recruited property advisor at Gold Lion Real Estate!

Viktoria, known fondly as Vicky, is a cheerful young lady, always with a smile and charismatic personality, joined us in May 2017. Hungry for knowledge, Vicky enjoys her job at the Real Estate department as each day is a unique learning experience and brings new interesting challenges to her.IMG_8856.2

Originating from Poland and having lived in England and Greece, Vicky has arrived to Malta and immediately fell in love with this beautiful Mediterranean country. Having no background in the local real estate industry but being an ambitious person motivated her to take on her current role within our company. Vicky is a referral contact of our existing property advisor, Hugo Forget, who was granted with a bonus for introducing her to us. Our people are our greatest assets and we aim to recognise each and everyone’s contribution in the company’s success – and bringing a new colleague is one of those significant contributions our people can make.

Vicky describes the atmosphere at our office as a motivating work place with the team that is made up of great positive thinkers, where even the CEOs and the management are positioning themselves on the same lines with others – what can be better and more inspiring than that? We believe in creating a healthy and friendly working environment as it is the only way to having a team of like-minded individuals reaching new goals, hence making the company successful.

One of Vicky’s favourite things about Gold Lion Holding is that she can be herself and be real. This are the traits that we are after as, ourselves, we strive to be real and honest with others – be it our customers, partners or employees.

IMG_9627 copyIt has been exactly three months since Vicky has started her carrier with us, which means the official end of training. Full of enthusiasm and motivation from the very beginning, she has managed to combine it with the actual work being done. Vicky has become Gold Lion Real Estate’s best agent of the past two months showing us incredible results! She managed to reach her two-month targets in just one month. Mind you, Vicky was completely new to the real estate market when she has started – yet it did not stop her from becoming a great property advisor.

We asked Vicky about the secret to her success and the answer was pretty simple: one just needs to be passionate about what he or she does and put a lot of effort in it! Vicky believes that although being a property advisor is not the most straight forward and easy task, one could become truly successful with the right attitude and mindset. ‘This job is for ambitious and self-motivated people, who believe in themselves’, says Vicky. And, absolutely, this is true! The opportunity of becoming a real estate agent seems excited at the first sight, but then when one goes into it, there are a lot of things that could be learned. ‘This three months taught me how to deal with the clients, how to close deals and negotiate – something that I found the most useful’, admits Vicky. Working in a supportive team also helps a lot – Gold Lion Holding is not just a group of people working under one roof, but also a family! That is what Vicky thinks and that what makes us proud as our people are also our clients and we want to make them satisfied and happy.

Having a feeling of a potential career growth at Gold Lion Holding and developing a long-term vision, Vicky feels extremely motivated for her work and hopes to get promoted in the nearest future – something which our company welcomes and encourages so much. With such brilliant attitude for her job, we have no doubts that Vicky would achieve her goals easily. Meanwhile, we will keep on supporting her throughout the way, providing her with all the needed time and space for the development and skills’ improvement – just like we do for all our property agent.

Still considering to joining us? Do not hesitate further! Just send an email with your CV and a brief introduction to and become part of a dream team! Succeed, grow yourself and build a career at Gold Lion Holding!