Townhouse: Are they right for me?

Town homes are buildings designed with the purpose of creating residence options for many people, occupying the less possible surface. Single family house on normally 2 floors located in urban areas. Townhouses became a famous development choice, as for economical and practical sense, in crowded municipalities. In Malta they retain the original and traditional Maltese balconies.

Space and Location

The property generally comes with spacious rooms, high ceilings and multiple levels (more than one floor). Suitable for families who want to stay close to the facilities the city offers.


Due to the material walls are built with, townhouses can be revised to suit the owner’s/ tenant’s wishes as long as it retains its public front.


As walls and other amenities are generally shared, upkeep costs are low.

Community atmosphere

The proximity of these dwellings makes unavoidable meeting people and such fact is not necessarily bad, as it fosters friendship and mutual respect.