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Ultimate tips for a peaceful home in Malta

  After a stressful day, home should be everything you look forward to. That’s why you have to be carefully how to design your home and how to treat it. If it’s just a place for you to run in, change clothes and run out again, then it’s hard to feel comfortable in it.samantha-gades-306749
Nobody has to be a studied doctor to know that stress is really not good for us – especially not long-term.
When you open the door to your home, you must become a feeling of safety, secureness and peace. So, here are some tips how you can get these feelings for your home!
At first, everybody likes tidiness. If you regularly clean up your apartment and order your stuff, you will be way happier and there will appear a smile on your face every time when you enter your home.
We live in a time where the technology is not indispensable. Mobile phones, computers, tablets, televisions – almost everyone has at least one of these gadgets. Of cause, these things are helping us through the day and they are also very useful, but especially at night, they aren’t our best friends.
They are causing electromagnetic fields, that can influence our sleep very badly and increase the stress potential.
So, banish all your technology out of the bedroom and your sleep will be way better!jaime-handley-44725

Another thing that values our stress level is the lighting. The use of extremely bright lamps and artificially light sources is very exhausting for our eyes and can get us a headache. So, it’s better if you use warm light, especially in the bed- and living room. Set accents by using candles, they can bring you down from an exciting day. Particularly now at warm summer evenings, candlelight is more welcome than classic overhead lights.

What also plays an important role by creating your stress-free-oasis are the colours you are using. Try to avoid too powerful tints. Earth-tones are well-suited for these rooms, but the most important thing is that you like the colour. It wouldn’t make sense if you paint your walls with colours you actually don’t like and that doesn’t harm to your furnishings. So, choose some tints that are calming you and you feel comfortable with.

Best thing is it, when you take an hour every evening to realize these tips to your home.
The stress-free living here on the beautiful island of Malta is a little bit easier. We have pretty beaches, a lot of sun, incredible sunsets and much more that reduces stress a lot.

That’s why our last valuable tip for stress-free living is: get a nice property here on Malta, you will love it!Mdina_Sunset

We hope this information might be useful for you and we want to wish you a wonderful stay here in Malta! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave us an advice. Our real estate agency is always here to support you on your real estate journey!

                                Lena Hönisch