Useful Contacts to have in Malta

Recently relocated to Malta? Or coming here for a visit? We, at Gold Lion Holding, understand how time-consuming the process of researching information, properties and important numbers can be. Just to help you out a bit, we would like to share a list of useful contacts that may assist you during your stay on this beautiful island!

Firstly, let’s learn how to get to Malta! Do you need a visa? What are the requirements for your nationality? All the information is available at the link from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You can give them a call on the given number also. Gain access to competitive air fares via Skyscanner and book flights to Malta as per your requirements. We have also provided a currency exchange rate calculator that will keep you updated with the latest rates and information! Malta is known for its all year-round sunny weather and warm temperatures. Check the weather forecast to plan your trip in order to soak in the Maltese sunshine!

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
5 Days Weather Forecast

It is crucial to know the numbers and contact details of the safety service providers in a new country, you never know when you may be able to avert a crisis or help out someone in need! Below are the details for Mater Dei, Malta’s national hospital, the local police and the civil protection agency.

Safety Services

Mater Dei Hospital  25450000
Emergency Number  




This number can be dialed free of charge to reach emergency services such as police, ambulance, fire and rescue.

Civil Protection Agency


As important it is to know the emergency contact numbers, it is also vital to know how to get around in Malta. The public bus system was recently upgraded and there are multiple bus routes journeying to various destinations around Malta that can get you to your point of interest. Visit Transport Malta‘s website or give them a call on 25608000 or 80072309.

We hope these quick guidelines and tips assist in making your Maltese trip memorable and pleasant. Of course, if it is a property that you are looking for, then you are already in the right place and visit to find your next dream home!Check out What’s on Malta to learn about Malta’s busy nightlife, arts/culture, special events, clubbing, music, sports and theatre. Get to know the trendiest, stylish bar/lounge and clubs, which play is gracing theatres, what concerts are taking place and much, much more. Visit their website on  or give them a call on  27892789.