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What is it like to be an intern at Gold Lion Holding?

Being an intern at Gold Lion Holding is not about filing paperwork or dealing with administration – it is about growing your professionalism and learning new skills that will be used in the future! Our company is proud to be providing an opportunity for young individuals to get their hands-on experience in a dynamic work environment.

Getting an internship with us means not only investing in your learning and development, but also enjoying your time by working with friendly and positive international people. Today we are going to share some insights from Tom de Haan, one of our brilliant interns from the Netherlands, about his experience at Gold Lion Holding’s Marketing Department.intern_Tom_de_Haan

21 years old Tom had started his internship with us in February 2017 and stayed for 5 months. Originally with an idea of improving his English skills, he also wanted to gain some work experience, while exploring a new country and its culture, as well as meeting new people from all around the world.

‘’What I like the most about Gold Lion is its friendly environment. It feels like a family here, where everyone is ready to help you with an advice whenever you need it.’’, says Tom.

Having a good knowledge and understanding of a real estate in his home country, Tom was eager to learn the differences between Maltese and Dutch markets, as well as share his ideas of the best practices with us. As a company, we aim to encourage our people to be taking initiatives and express their thoughts with others – and that applies to our interns, too!

‘’I have acquired great people skills at Gold Lion, as well as learned how to manage my time more efficiently, how to negotiate during the meetings, and even how to best promote things.’’, says Tom.

Closely working and assisting the marketing manager, Tom has proved himself to be fantastic team player and a supportive colleague. He showed himself as a responsible and respectful individual one could rely to – such an enthusiasm and energy was coming from his side during our latest Corporate Social Responsibility event in aid of the local charity foundation.

When we asked him how helpful was his experience with us, he said that he found his knowledge useful for his future and that he got to know himself better. ‘’It was challenging at times but in the end, I can be proud of myself for completing this internship. I am positive about what I want to do career-wise. I want to open my own real estate company in the Netherlands and for that I aim to study real estate management and support my family’s business in the beginning. Working at Gold Lion helped me to prove that I truly have a passion for the real estate industry.’’

On behalf of our team, we want to wish Tom best of luck and success in the future! We are looking forward to seeing you again!

P.S if you got inspired from Tom’s story and would like to elevate your professional skills with us while enjoying your time, please feel free to send us an email with your CV and a short covering letter to marketing@glmalta.com!