What you should know about Energy Performance Certificate

What is an EPC?

The Energy Performance Certificate is a document which shows the calculated energy use rating for existing or designed residential buildings and includes recommendations for improving their energy performance.

What is it for?

EPC is similar to a household electrical appliance energy label. It informs a prospective buyer or tenant about the expected consumption while giving guidance on how to reduce it.

When should you get an EPC?

All buildings that are designed, sold or rented from 2009 onwards have to be designed, sold or rented with the Energy Performance Certificate.

Do I need to buy an EPC when buying or renting a property?

No, the landlord/seller is responsible for being in possession of an EPC and shall provide it to the prospective buyer/tenant.

How long is an EPC valid?

It is valid for 10 years if no changes to the building are made.

How much does an EPC cost?

EPC assessments are carried out by registered EPB (Energy performance of building) assessor. There is no set fee and Assessors are charged a fee of €75 by the B.R.O. (Building Regulation Office) for official registration of the EPC.

What information are displayed on an EPC?

The EPC has scale bar/s showing the energy rating of your building and its carbon emissions, with zero being the most energy efficient and the other extreme being the least efficient.


If you have more questions about an EPC or need recommendations on useful contacts, please get in touch with one of our Property Advisors.