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What’s up with all the lions in Malta? Gold Lion Holding vs Lion Malta

They say great minds think alike. We certainly have to agree with this as our business names reflect our similar thinking. Lion Malta and Gold Lion Holding are two separate businesses within the real estate industry, yet we both thought we want a lion to symbolise our strength.
So who is who?

Lion Malta
Lion Malta is an independent company offering real estate advertising services. This means that they do not act as agents but solely provide an advertising platform for real estate agents, property developers and also owners. What is unique about the services is that LionMalta.com acts as a centralised database where you can find most of the property available for sale in Malta. Offering a user-friendly search engine that allows you to find the property you are looking for without any unnecessary delay.

The aim is to achieve transparency in the Maltese real estate market. They are working towards this objective by providing their users with all the information available. This is why the information is gathered for each locality in Malta and Gozo. In addition, they provide statistical data visible on each listing page, such as the average property price, average price per square meter and number of properties sold in the locality concerned in the past 30 days.

In order to ensure a high quality service they are continuously working on new features, improving the design of LionMalta.com and also broadening the reach of the database.

Gold Lion Holding
The ‘Gold Lion’ business name was born in early 2015 and we opened our Lion’s Cave in Sliema on 9th May 2016 as Gold Lion Real Estate initially.

Since then we have grown into Gold Lion Holding, transforming into a property solution centre. Besides having our team of property advisors to assist you within a real estate agency environment, we are now launching our Construction and Property Development divisions as well. All your property needs dealt with within the same company.

When we heard about Lion Malta, we loved their concept. Our long term strategy at Gold Lion Holding is to be a centralised solution centre for your real estate journey and Lion Malta’s vision to centralise available properties to one platform fits right within our way of thinking.

Similar names, 2 separate companies, 1 common aim: improving customer experience within the real estate industry in Malta.