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Why are we called Gold Lion?

The idea behind our company’s name was to symbolise something that displays strength, power, bravery and significance. Professionalism that gives you an added value.

The lion is one of the most recognisable animal symbols mainly because it has been present since ancient times. It can be found in art, architecture, astrology and across all major religions. You have probably heard of some of these:

  • the Protector of the Pharaohs, a half-human half-lion figure, with the Sphinx
  • Richard I of England was known as Richard the Lionheart for his bravery and leadership skills
  • the roaring lion at the beginning of MGM media productions movies
  • The winged lion of St Mark
  • Palaeolithic paintings of the Lascaux caves

We decided to dip our lion into gold to show you that in addition to the professional service you’re also getting something a bit more valuable. Gold is one of the most desired precious metals however it is still affordable for many people.

In the beginning we were thinking between Gold Lion and Golden Lion. The decision tipped over to Gold as we feel that something that is made out of gold is more valuable as if it just has the colour gold. It’s more real, like us.

Did you know that even the Buddha is seated on a lion throne?

Another little unknown fact is that our very own CEO has a zodiac sign of the Leo. Sometimes we jokingly call him the Lion King. He’s a true leader motivating every employee to make sure that you get the best possible service from us.